856 and 956 URLs

OhioLINK uses two MARC fields for URLs of electronic resources:

  • 856 — for URLs that apply to any OhioLINK user
  • 956 — for institution-specific URLs

In the Central Catalog, the 956 URL displays with institutional holdings, rather than in first screen of the public display. This is intended to save users from clicking on URLs that they cannot access.

URL Use for Example
856 Freely available Internet resources that anyone in the world can access (example) 856 41 |uhttp://www.sconet.state.oh.us/publications/ interpreter%5Fservices/interpreter%5Fuse%5Freport.pdf |zConnect to resource online
856 OhioLINK-wide resources, such as our electronic journals, books, and videos (example)
856 41 |uhttp://rave.ohiolink.edu/ebooks/ebc/9780387755106 |zConnect to electronic resource.
956 Institution-specific links (example):

• resources paid for by your library and/or available only to your users
• restricted to your campus IP addresses
• restricted to people who can log in to your proxy server

A resource may have multiple means of access, for example, an EJC link (856) for current issues of a journal, and a JSTOR link (956) for an institutional subscription to older issues.
URL for resource that is not a consortial subscription:

• 956 40 |uhttp://www.jstor.org/journals/10431500.html
|zConnect to journal at JSTOR

URLs with institution-specific proxy server:

• 956 40 |uhttp://0-www.jstor.org.library.jcu.edu/journals/10791760.html|zConnect

• 956 40 |uhttp://venus.cc.oberlin.edu:2048/login?url=

• 956 40 |uhttp://ezproxy.otterbein.edu/login?url=


Activating 956: Innovative Interfaces has installed the software on all OhioLINK local systems, Release 2006 or above. Look in your WWWOPTIONS file for LOCALLINK_TAG:


Activate this option, if not already active. If you can't find it, look in your test WWWOPTIONS file and move it from the staging directory to the live directory.

BCODE3: Formerly, we used BCODE3 "g" for OhioLINK resources. However, "g" suppresses the institutional holdings display. Therefore, along with implementing 956, we are retiring BCODE3 "g". These BCODE3 values are used:

  • blank — contribute record to Central
  • s — suppress from all public displays, local and Central
  • z — suppress record from Central

March 2009