ADA (USC) - Discharged 8/94

May 25, 1993

To:                              OhioLINK List

From:                            Barbara F. Schloman, Chair
                                 OhioLINK User Services Committee

Subject:                         Formation of Task Force on ADA (Assistive

The Library Advisory Council's Coordinating Committee has approved a
task force to investigate technologies to aid OhioLINK libraries to
assist disabled users.  The task force will report to the User Services
Committee.  The membership is still being formed.  Anyone interested
should contact Sarah Timmons (, ADA Task
Force Chair, or myself (

OhioLINK User Services Committee

ADA Task Force

The Task Force will investigate and propose potential assistive
technologies to enhance OhioLINK access for persons with disabilities.
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements will serve as
the benchmark for service.

Specifically, the User Services Committee asks that:

1.  investigation include identifying both assistive technologies
    (hardware and software) and adaptive workstations (furnishings,
    etc.) to assist disabled OhioLINK users.

2.  determine funding levels required to provide recommended facilities
    at each OhioLINK library.

3.  explore external funding opportunities at the state or federal level
    to achieve the suggested level of access.

4.  recommend a plan of action for implementation.


The Task Force will provide a suggested plan of action to the User
Services Committee by December 1993. Any funding opportunities will be
explored in 1994.


Sarah Timmons, Chair (Associate Member, Users Services Committee), Wright
State University Gary Thompson (Full Member, User Services Committee),
Cleveland State University (other members to be named) Elizabeth Timmons,
OhioLINK staff liaison