Advisory Council Structure - 7/1/93


June 2, 1993

To: OhioLINK Members
From: Tom Sanville
Subject: OhioLINK Advisory Council Structure Effective 7/1/93



At the May 18, 1993 meeting of the OhioLINK Governing Board, a new structure of Advisory Councils was approved. The OhioLINK Executive Director was directed to implement the creation of these councils for operation beginning in Fiscal 1994, beginning July 1, 1993.

Four major advisory councils, as noted below, will report to the Executive Director to provide advice and assistance to the Executive Director and the Governing Board on policies, projects, activities, and fiscal plans. the Director is authorized to implement, coordinate and evolve the processes by which these councils operate to provide maximum effectiveness.

The Executive Director is required to enable each council to fulfill its mission through the provision of management tools such as regular financial reports and projections, annual and multi-year operating plans, policy manual, and regular reports of operating activities.

The Director is also directed to activate necessary groups for the implementation of OhioLINK in two-year colleges.


Library Advisory Council (LAC)

  1. Purpose: To act as the primary advisory body to direct and coordinate the OhioLINK related activities of libraries and library policies. To understand and enunciate the needs of institutional information users. To educate campus administration, faculty, staff and students about OhioLINK. The group is expected to meet monthly.
  2. Composition: The library directors from each of the original 18 member institutions will be members. Three library directors from the two-year colleges will serve three-year terms (staggered). A representative of the law libraries will serve on a three-year term basis. the chairs of UAC and TAC are ex-officio members as is the Executive Director and the Director of Library Systems. The two-year college representatives will be recommended to the Executive Director by the chief instructional officers of these colleges. the Chair of LAC is selected annually by the LAC members.
  3. Other LAC committees: In addition to the existing composition of committee participants representatives from the two-year colleges will be added as full members. During each of the next three fiscal years beginning with fiscal 1994, one member will be added to each of the four working committees bringing the level of two-year college representatives to three on each committee.

Technical Advisory Council (TAC)

  1. Purpose: To act as the primary advisory body to review and comment on the technical implications of the OhioLINK services strategies with respect to overall soundness and relationship to campus computing and networking activities. To communicate to the campuses necessary technical information about OhioLINK directions. This group is expected to meet three to four times annually. The chair of TAC will be an ex-officio member of the Governing Board.
  2. Composition: The OSTEER and OARTECH chairs will serve during their terms in in office. the OARnet Director (or designee) serves indefinitely. A representative of the computing centers of the original 18 members will serve a three-year term as will a representative from the two-year colleges. Four representatives from the Lead implementors will serve three-year terms. the chair of LAC and the Director of Library Systems and Executive director serve as ex-officio members. the OSTEER Chair will be the chair of the TAC.

The two-year chief instructional officers will recommend to the Executive Director the two-year computer center representative. the OSTEER and OARTECH chairs will recommend the representative from the existing member computer centers. The LACCC will recommend the four Lead Implementors. OhioLINK staff will consult on all recommendations to ensure that a breadth of experience is represented.

User Advisory Council (UAC)

  • Purpose: To review and comment on OhioLINK new service directions and user policies. to provide a knowledgeable link to campus library user groups. This group is expected to meet semi-annually or annually.
  • Composition: Each of the original members and three two-year colleges will have representatives. These representatives are to be selected from the campus library advisory group. Each representative's term on UAC may vary based on local selection practices, but a term may be up to three years. The library directors will be asked to supply a representative. The two-year college representatives will be drawn from the three institutions participating in LAC at the time. The chairs of the LAC and TAC and the Executive Director serve as ex-officio members

Strategy Advisory Council (SAC)

  1. Purpose: To review and comment on the goals, priorities, actions and assumptions reflected in OhioLINK business plans. To maintain a common and consistent focus on these key factors in the more frequent execution of the activities of the Board, LAC, TAC and UAC. This group is expected to meet semi-annually or annually..
  2. Composition: Members are the currently serving Governing Board chair and Chair Elect, OSTEER and OARTECH chairs, the OARnet director, two representatives from UAC, the four LACCC members and the Executive Director.

Separately, steps will be taken to form these groups and in cases where appropriate to make initial members selections.