Affiliated Hospital Memorandum of Understanding - WSU/NEOUCOM


This understanding is made as of ____________________________ by and
between ____________________________________________, herein known as
the OhioLINK medical institution, and the Ohio Library and Information
Network (OhioLINK).

1.0    Purpose

1.1     The purpose of this memorandum is to specify the terms under
which OhioLINK medical institutions can provide access by associated,
non-OhioLINK medical institutions to certain OhioLINK services.

1.2     The purpose of the access by associated, non-OhioLINK medical
institutions is to allow OhioLINK medical institutions to meet their
teaching obligations through the use of other hospitals and medical
institutions or to fulfill obligations within their communities to
further their institutional missions.

1.3     It is not OhioLINK's intent through this memorandum to act as a
general provider of information services to the medical community
outside of the purposes stated above.

2.0    OhioLINK General Obligations

2.1     OhioLINK installs, operates and maintains a central site
facility which provides access from each OhioLINK medical institution's
campus to the union catalog and other databases mounted at the Central
Site.  Provided capacity and capacity planning will recognize the
additional needs of the authorized associated medical institutions.

2.2     OhioLINK provides support with central funds to the Ohio
Academic Resources Network (OARnet) to provide reliable backbone and
Central Site capacity for OhioLINK related telecommunication traffic to
and from the central system to each member campus.  Provided capacity
and capacity planning will recognize the additional needs of the
associated authorized institutions.

2.3     OhioLINK will provide the OhioLINK central catalog and other
databases as itemized in Appendix A to authorized associated
institutions upon notification by an OhioLINK medical institution as
noted below.

2.4     These databases will be provided at prices to the member
institution at prices in Appendix A.  These will be effective until
further notice but will not change without a six months notice unless
specifically related to a change in a vendor license fee being assessed
to OhioLINK.

3.0    OhioLINK Medical Institution Obligations

3.1     Submit to OhioLINK a copy of Appendix B for each institution
for which it is seeking access.

3.2     Control through logins on its local INNOPAC access only to the
authorized databases and access only up to the authorized simultaneous
use levels.

3.3     Provide all training, password management, communications and
user support directly to the authorized institution.

3.4     Pay directly to OhioLINK the Appendix A prices for the level of
access desired in Appendix B for each institution.  ALL payments will
be made for annual or pro-rated July to June time frames at the start
of each annual period.  Increases to access levels can be made any
time.  Reductions will be effective at the start of the next July
annual period.   Access will continue each year unless advised

3.5     Obligate authorized institutions to vendor licenses as provided
by OhioLINK to the OhioLINK medical institution.

    Name________________________                Name________________________

    Title________________________                  Title________________________

    Institution________________________         OhioLINK________________________

    Date________________________                 Date________________________




    Medline, AIDSline, CINAHL, CancerLit, HEALTH, PsychINFO

    A.      Teaching Hospital -- A hospital which serves as a
    required teaching site for medicine, dentistry, allied health,
    nursing programs, or medical residency programs.

                                                                   Price Login       Price Per
                                                                 Per User/Year    Person/Year

    1.    First simultaneous user login                                $3,000

    2.    Added user logins                                                 $1,000

    3.    Population (Total professional, students, etc.)       $1.25

    B.      Non-Teaching Hospital -- A hospital which has no
    teaching activities, or one that serves as an elective site for
    health-related programs..

                   Price Login    Price Per
                Per User/Year    Person/Year

    1.    First simultaneous user login    
        � 50 beds       $   700
        51-150 beds     $1,400
        151-200 beds   $2,100
        > 200 beds       $3,000

    2.    Added user logins    $   700

    3.    Population (Total professional, students, etc.)          $1.25

Bed size is determined by consulting the current issue of the American
Hospital Association's Guide to the Health Care Field.


Associated Institution (full address of main site)      Other sites of
the instituion to be included (name, city)





Category (check one)    Bed Size    Population

                      Teaching Hospital                                                 

                      Non-Teaching Hospital                                                 

Effective Date                                          

Requested Authorized Access Level  (check one)
(Select proper column, enter quantity)        Annual    Pro Rated       Due
New    Add    Reduce        Price (From App. A)      Total         Percent         Now      

                               First simultaneous user    x                            =                     x                   =                

                               Added users    x                            =                     x                   =                

    Population     -     Total                        x $1.25     =                      x                    =                

Submitted by:

    Name         OhioLINK Medical Institution

    Title         Date Submitted