Appendix A.1 Local ITYPES

Task: Add newly created local ITYPES, if any, to your local ITYPE table.

This set-up procedure will vary depending upon local rules and policies. For example, if your video tapes
circulate locally only, and you do NOT want to make any available through PCIRC, you will NOT need to
make any changes to your local ITYPE table.
If however, you want to circulate SOME – but not all – of your video tapes, you will need to create a new
local ITYPE for the items you wish to circulate through PCIRC. These will need to be mapped to the central
site ITYPE 208. (See Step 4 and Appendix A.2).
Also, remember to update the ITYPE field in your local item records for those items you want to circulate
through PCIRC but were previously coded for local use only.
If you intend to circulate everything of a particular format, (e.g. all audio tapes), send the necessary
mapping information to OhioLINK (See Step 4 and Appendix A.2).