Appendix A.2.a

OhioLINK Online Borrowing
Central Site Item Types


OhioLINK Book 200
OhioLINK Curriculum Center 201
OhioLINK Periodicals 202
OhioLINK Sound Recording 203
OhioLINK Computer Software 204
OhioLINK Audio-visual 205
OhioLINK Microform 206
OhioLINK Non-circ 207
OhioLINK Circulating Media 208
OhioLINK Circulating Microform 209
OhioLINK Circulating Periodical 212
CRL Circulating Item 213
SearchOhio Requestable Item 230
SearchOhio Requestable Media 231
SearchOhio Non-Requestable Item



Note: Only local item types that are mapped to the bolded central item types above will be potentially requestable through PCIRC. 

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