Authority Control Task Force

January 21, 1994

To:        OhioLINK Libraries

From:         Carol P. Hawks, Chair, OhioLINK Database Management &
                  Standards Committee

Subject:      Formation of Task Force on Authority Control

DMSC has received approval to form a task force to address the issues
related to authority control for the central catalog.  This task force
reports to the Database Management & Standards Committee.


 DMSC's primary agenda in the next development cycle is authority
control.  Because of the maternity leave of one DMSC member and the
varied expertise of the other members, the committee needs to draw on
specific authority control expertise outside the committee to evaluate
and recommend options.


The primary responsibilities of this task force are:

1.     to assist the OhioLINK staff and Excel in developing and
evaluating the initial authority control database;
2.     to review and recommend options for providing ongoing authority
control for the central catalog;
3.     to develop detailed specifications for discussion with III for
authority control options; and
4.    to draft specifications to provide consortium pricing for local
authority control service for OhioLINK libraries.


Detailed specifications are needed for discussion in March 1994 within
OhioLINK leading to discussion with III in June 1994.  The other
activities should be completed by December 31, 1994.


Karen Wilhoit     Wright State      Chair (DMSC full member)
Mike Krieger      Dayton            member (expertise with authority
                                    control in another automated system)
Noelle Van Pulis  Ohio State          member (expertise with authority
                                    control in another automated system)
Linda Vozel       Case Western      member (INNOPAC cataloging experience)
Cliff Glaviano    Bowling Green        member (INNOPAC experience and
                                    local authority control maintenance