AV Task Force - Discharged

December 15, 1993

To:       Susan Barnard     Virginia Peters
            Tom Bennett        Richard Post
            John Kerstetter    Paul Simmons
            Gary Lare             Kevin Work
            Ruth Miller        

From:        Tom Sanville

Subject:    Formation of OhioLINK AV Task Force

This is a request for you to serve on the task force described in the
attached memo.  This is an important task to round out our circulation

Added to chair the group is Ed Garten, Dean of Libraries and Information
Technologies, University of Dayton.  Ed has had long experience with
media center management and will provide an important link between
OhioLINK's current policies and the deliberations of this task force.

Please confirm your willingness to serve on this task force to me at
tom@ohiolink.edu.  Also in that message send your complete address,
title, telephone and fax number, and e-mail address.  We will set up an
OhioLINK list called "avtask@ohiolink.edu" for this group to

Ed will convene the group in the near future.  This group should make
its recommendations to the Inter-Campus Services Committee prior to any
final report to LAC.  Thanks in advance for your participation.

cc:        Ed Garten
        Phyllis O'Connor