Call Before You Start the Big Projects

Each contributing INN-Reach library has a load queue to the Central Catalog. This queue handles all kinds of record changes, including both cataloging and item changes, and changes in status from circulation transactions. When a library contributes, modifies, or deletes large numbers of records, it is possible to to back up this queue. This can cause situations where circulation transactions, both local and INN-Reach, are not being recorded at the central site in a timely manner.

The load queues are especially strained when more than one library embarks on large projects at once. Deletes, including deletions of item records, cause the greatest load on the system. So, if you're going to load or modify more than 50,000 bibliographic records, or if you're going to delete or change more than 50,000 item records, first contact so that we can verify that it is a good time to start.

March 29, 2002
updated October 2014