Campus Firewalls: OhioLINK Requirements

If a local institution is considering implementing a firewall on campus for security reasons, the following requirements must be met in order to maintain access to OhioLINK services.

Central Catalog

The Central Catalog,, is OhioLINK's INN-Reach central server. OhioLINK also maintains a partnership with the public library consortium, SearchOhio, whose central server is

The following requirements apply to sending transactions to and from the OhioLINK Central Catalog and to the SearchOhio central server, including online borrowing and updating local information. Note that the two central servers will only communicate with your local Sierra application server and will not communicate with your Sierra database server.

Purpose Firewall open to server or domain Port
Connections to INN-Reach circulation server & 443, 6601 to incoming and outgoing messages
Connections to INN-Reach load queue server & 5020 to incoming and outgoing messages
Innovative staff support (SSH) and Local Server 22 to incoming and outgoing messages
Pickup Anywhere Local Server 4465, 4470, and 6601 to incoming and outgoing messages

Innovative Firewall FAQ: (Innovative Supportal login required)

Local III Catalogs

If your local catalog is outside your campus firewall, consult Innovative’s firewall recommendations for using the Sierra client between your workstations and your local catalog. Certain ports must be open on the firewall in order to communicate with your local Innovative server.

Remote Access to Databases

Service Firewall open to server or domain Port
Remote authentication over SSL
local Innovative server
(III Rel 2007+)
Proxy server for remote databases (test) & (production) 9099 and 9100

August 2021