Content Cafe Problem Reports

Content Café enhances public catalog displays with book cover images and links to TOCs, summaries, reviews, and other book details. Content Café is a product of Baker & Taylor. Cover images and links are displayed in the catalog; no data is loaded to the catalog.

Links to Content Café are based on ISBN in the bibliographic record.

Content Café pages may display wrong content for a number of reasons. The bibliographic record may have an incorrect ISBN, which must be fixed in the catalog. Or, Content Café may have the wrong cover image associated with an ISBN, which must be fixed by Baker & Taylor.

If you discover a link that is not going to the right publication or there is a problem with the content of the page, please send a report to You can also report wrong cover images or typos directly to

If you have forgotten your institution's UserID and Password for configuring Content Café in your local catalog, please contact