Contributing non-OCLC number print records to the Central Catalog

OhioLINK recommends institutions use OCLC numbers for all records contributed to the Central Catalog when possible. This helps reduce duplicate records and improve user experience. See the Central Catalog matching algorithm webpage for more information.

When institutions are unable to use OCLC numbers, please report these collections to so it can be added to the non-OCLC number print record table below. This table will help reduce duplicates in each collection if more than one institution contributes these records to the Central Catalog (now or in the future). Adding the "1" before the vendor number ensures the vendor prefix is retained in the system.

Non-OCLC number print record collections

Collection Vendor number 001 contributed to the Central Catalog
Vendor collection name Non-OCLC control number 1+Vendor supplied non-OCLC control number
McNaughton books BRD2009019912 1BRD2009019912

Created October 2021