COVID-19 PCIRC Changes

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, there were many necessary changes made on the campuses of OhioLINK member libraries, including to library services such as print lending.

To help coordinate these changes to print lending, OhioLINK formed a project team to help answer questions and make recommendations as challenges unique to the current situation came up. This team included ICS Policy Team members & Lead Implementers who worked directly with OhioLINK, local institutions, and PCIRC contacts to recommend guidelines for the resumption of print lending. The project team collected questions, comments, and suggestions from the PCIRC listserv and provided a shared space for libraries to update service and contact information.

The Resumption of Print Lending Project Team

The Resumption of Print Lending Project Team (RPLPT) was a short-term team tasked with investigating and making recommendations about the suspension of the OhioLINK print lending system on topics such as:

  • Temporary changes in lending policy and practice while both INN-Reach requesting and the courier service were suspended;
  • Determining when INN-Reach lending might be able to be resumed; and
  • Best practices for resuming print lending.

Recommendations from the project team were submitted to ICS and/or the Library Advisory Council (LAC) as required by the scope of individual recommendations.

This project team completed its charge in August 2020.

Project Team Members

Name Institution OhioLINK Role Email
Melanie Smith-Farrell (Chair) University of Akron ICS Chair
Joe Glass Notre Dame College Leads, ERIT, PCIRC
Kristi Lobrano Franklin University Leads, DIAD
Tony Maniaci The Ohio State University ICS
Katy Mathuews Ohio University ICS
Theda Schwing OhioLINK OhioLINK
Tim Snow

University of Rio Grande &

Rio Grande Community College