CRL holdings

Action Summary #1-5                                                                                     Committee: USER SERVICES
Date last updated: 7/15/93

SPECIFICATIONS: Holdings symbols for CRL

1. Institutional symbol for the Center for Research Libraries

             if a 3 letter symbol, use CRL
             if a 16 letter symbol, use Ctr Resear Libr

2.  Messages on detailed holdings screen for all CRL items:

             Location:  Non-OhioLINK Library
             Call no.:  See Info Screen #n
             Status:    from Main Menu

[The size of these fields are Location - 22 characters; Call no. 25;
and Status 16.]

3.  Text of information screen re. CRL:

The Center for Research Libraries is a research collection in Chicago,
Illinois, maintained by member libraries for the purpose of increasing
resources for their users. Access to these materials is limited to
users at libraries belonging to the Center.  OhioLINK libraries with
borrowing privileges are:  Case Western, Miami U, Ohio State, U of
Cincinnati, Wright State U, [etc.]

Users at these institutions should consult their local library for
borrowing procedures.

[Size of information screen - 80 characters wide, 17 lines.]

Sample Screen for CRL Records in Central (7-15-93)

You searched for the TITLE: festscrift                            OhioLINK

 TITLE        Festschrift Albert Brackman dargebracht von freunden,
               kollegen und schulern, hrsg. von Leo Santifaller.
 IMPRINT      Weimar, H. Bohlaus nachf., 1931
 DESCRIPT'N   602 p. illus., facsims (1 double) 25 cm.
 SUBJECT                    Middle Ages--History
                             Church history--Middle Ages, 600-1500.
 OCLC #       1204455.
 LCCN                       32024911

|                            Institutions with this Title                     |
|1 > Center Res Lib                                                           |

[User selects 1> and see:]

                         Center for Research Libraries
|    LOCATION             CALL NO.                       STATUS               |
|1 > Non-OhioLINK Library           See Information Screen #n from Main Menu  |
R > RETURN to Browsing                 A > ANOTHER Search by TITLE
F > FORWARD browse                     P > PRINT
B > BACKWARD browse                    T > Display MARC Record
N > NEW Search                         O > OTHER options
Choose one (R,F,B,N,A,P,T,E,U,O)