Deleting Records from the Central Catalog

Normally, deletions to the OhioLINK Central Catalog happen as automatically as contributions. Occasionally, you may discover that a record or group of records were not deleted at central when you deleted them from your local catalog. If that happens, contact OhioLINK support ( to open a call with Innovative so that they can remove the records from the Central Catalog. Normally, here is the procedure the INN-Reach system follows when deleting records.

Deleting an INN-Reach Catalog Record

(From page 103346 of the INN-Reach Manual)

Each time a contributing library deletes a local record, a transaction is sent to the INN-Reach Catalog where the corresponding Bibliographic or Institution record is updated or deleted.

If the contributing library deletes an Item, Order, or Checkin record, the Item, Order, or Checkin field is deleted from the site's corresponding Institution record on the INN-Reach Catalog.

If no Item, Order, or Checkin field remains, the Institution record is removed. If the contributing library does not own the master record and deletes a Bibliographic record, the Central System deletes the site's LOCAL PAC field from the master Bibliographic record.

If the contributing library owns the master record and deletes its local Bibliographic record, the Central System deletes the master Bibliographic record. However, if there are records attached to the master record, the Central System also retrieves a new master record from another contributing library.

March 22, 2002
updated October 2014