Document Delivery Strategies (LAC) - Discharged 8/94

June 21, 1993

To:            Document Delivery Strategy Task Force
                 David Kohl, Phyllis O'Connor, Don
                 Tolliver, Barbara Schloman, Arnold
                 Hirshon, Ray Metz

From:                        Tom Sanville

Subject:                     Preliminary Charge and Expectations

Thank you for agreeing to serve on this important task force.  My
original memo to LAC recommending its formation is attached.  David
Kohl has agreed to chair this group.

Given the broad strategy issues involved here I believe a formal
charge, set of outputs, and time frame need to be proposed by the group
itself.   As its first task, I do offer these comments to provide a
provisional framework.  These are my general expectations in initiating
this task force.

The basic charge of the group is to define and elaborate the model or
evolutionary models for document delivery as broadly defined to include
all sources and locations of book and article information.  That the
model, even if conjecture, is comprehensive in covering major economic,
operational assumptions, relations and policies as they affect the
libraries and patrons.

The object of this group is that through this model we can better focus
on the necessary technologies and services that will be needed to
implement this vision.  That we will be able to better anticipate and
put in motion changes in library policy and operation to support the

At some point in the development of the model I would expect that we
would disband the task force and turn over further investigation and
development work to our existing committee structure.  The task force
will have done its work if, at that point, we are working under a much
clearer understanding of the issues and priorities.

How long should the task force take?  A better answer will come after
your group has met initially.  End of 1993?  End of 1st Quarter 1994?
I don't think major decisions will be held in the balance during this
time frame, but we should not take too long to create a clearer view of
this key area.  My guess is it will spawn significant and ongoing
discussion of the issues raised.

I will leave it at this and ask David to take the next steps. We have
set up a list -- -- for this purpose.  Anita and
I are also on it and are happy to participate ex-officio with this

I hope this is enough to go on to get started.

cc:           LACCC