Dr. John Fleischauer letter


May 31, 1996

Dr. John Fleischauer
Wright State University
105 D Allyn Hall
3640 Colonel Glenn Highway
Dayton, OH 45435

Dear Dr. Fleischauer:

First, I am glad you were able to attend some of the Planning Session. I hope you found it useful. We appreciate your input and direction.

I am pleased to inform you that the OhioLINK Governing Board has approved appointment of Wright State University as the OhioLINK administrative agent for the period July 1, 1996 through June 30, 1997. As such, Wright State will administer both capital and operating budgets as transferred from the Ohio Board of Regents.

As administration agent, Wright State's primary role is to provide a means by which OhioLINK can make payment for its expenses. Spending authority rests with the Governing Board.

As agent, Wright State will make available necessary staff to assist OhioLINK in processing expenses. OhioLINK staff will continue to coordinate its spending activities and expense-related processing with Wright State staff to affect efficient procedures, minimizing necessary Wright State staff time.

In return for Wright State's services OhioLINK will pay $964.75 per month, $11,577 annually. This represents a 5% increase over the current payment and 13.5% over the original fee of $10,200 set fiscal year 1994.

As noted in the attached, original policies of May 18, 1993, OhioLINK will comply with Wright State procedures and policies. In practice we have found that this is not a problem except in hiring new staff where OhioLINK salary administration may need to work under guidelines approved by the Board that are different from standard WSU policy. To clarify, I have, again, attached Amendments to Staff Salary Management Policy. Included are: Amendment 3 - OhioLINK Hiring Procedures - General Practices; Amendment 2 - Additions and Exceptions to the Wright State University Handbook for the Unclassified Staff; and Amendment 1 - Organizational Structure and Salary Ranges. These remain as originally negotiated last Fall and as attached to the current agreement except that Amendment 1 has been modified with the addition of a clerical position upgraded to full-time.

These documents reflect our meeting EEO compliance responsibility through WSU and that final authority for employment rests with the WSU president. Clearly the latter is based on our expectation of good faith and cooperation.

If you are in agreement with the terms of this letter please counter sign both copies and return one to me.

On behalf of the OhioLINK Board we are grateful for Wright State's continuing support of the OhioLINK program.


Tom Sanville
Executive Director

cc: David Steward

(This letter was signed by John Flieschauer, Provost, Wright State University, July 8, 1996.)