Explanation of 5-character Codes

First two characters                        Institution name
Third character                             Region in Ohio
Fourth character                            Type of library
Fifth character                             Subject concentration                       

Codes for Regions in Ohio
1          Northwest
2          Northeast
3          Southwest
4          Central/Southeast

Codes for types of libraries
u          University
m          Free-standing medical school
g          Government
t          Two-year college

Codes for types of libraries that are defined, but not in use
s          special                  r          regional campus
p          public                   b          four-year college

Codes for subject concentrations
g          general (used for universities and two-year colleges)
h          health sciences (used for free-standing medical schools)

Subject concentration codes that are defined, but not in use
a          art/architecture         p          physical sciences
b          business                 r          special collections
c          maps                     s          life sciences
d          education                t          social sciences
e          engineering              u          humanities
m          music