Extension of Patron On-Site Borrowing Privileges

March 29, 1994

To: OhioLINK Institutions

From: Tom Sanville

Subject: Extension of Patron On-Site Borrowing Privileges and Guarantee of Free ILL

Effective April 18, 1994, these two OhioLINK policies will become effective with all two-year colleges. Between now and the 18th we will distribute the following:

  1. Summary list of all OhioLINK and/or Pony Express locations. This list notes those libraries that are OhioLINK institutions and provides the current Pony Express status of all OhioLINK locations. It also includes all non-OhioLINK libraries who can send and receive through the OhioLINK Pony Express service.

This list will be sent to all directors, lead implementors, ICS members, and circulation directory contacts.

  1. A complete circulation directory will be sent to each two-year institution director for use in On-Site Patron Borrowing.
  2. Added circulation directory pages for the two-year colleges will be sent to contacts of OhioLINK libraries already operating under these policies.

Recipients of these documents, please be sure to forward these immediately to the appropriate parties.