Governing Board Resolutions


Action Requested: - Approve the following three resolutions

a. The OhioLINK Governing Board approves Wright State University as the Chief Administrative Contractor for capital and operating expenditures for the period July 1, 1993 through June 30, 1994. Wright State is directed to work with the OhioLINK Executive director within the guidelines of the approved Capital and Operating Budget policies of the Governing Board.

b. The OhioLINK Governing Board approves the two Library Advisory Council recommendations of April 16, 1993. The first recognizes affiliated hospital libraries. The second authorizes the initiation of no fee reciprocal inter-library loan and patron initiated inter-library circulation between OhioLINK libraries.

(See attached text of recommendations and background)

c. The OhioLINK Governing Board approves annual salary adjustments for OhioLINK staff effective July 1, 1993, as proposed in the April 29, 1993 memo from Tom Sanville to Eloise Clark.

(See confidential envelope attached)