(Inactive) Electronic Resource Management Task Force

This page is retained for historical purposes, but this task force is no longer active.

Task Force Members

Co-Chair: Susan Banoun, University of Cincinnati
Co-Chair: Emily Hicks, University of Dayton

Julie Blake, OhioLINK Amy Fry, Bowling Green State University
Frank Bove, University of Akron Sharon Hackett, Kent State University
Anita Cook, OhioLINK Kristine Szabo, Ohio Wesleyan University
Barbara Dunham, Ohio State University Jeanne Langendorfer, Bowling Green State Univ.
Deberah England, Wright State University Joe Payne, Ohio State University

Task Force Charge

A critical examination of local needs and practices in regards to Electronic Resources Management and its implication to OhioLINK 2.0 is required to ensure a consistent and capable approach for user and staff access across OhioLINK institutions to ERM data. The collaboration and sharing of best practices will enable individual sites to share experiences and develop standards. This task force is charged with the following.

  1. Explore and document ERM system issues and best practices including record structures, codes and specifications, standards, and workflows.
  2. Explore and document how the ERM system is used to provide user access to electronic resources.
  3. Explore and document how the ERM system is used by staff to manage electronic resources.
  4. Develop functional requirements and processes that will fully integrate ERM records and functions to into the design of the OhioLINK system.

Meeting Minutes & Agendas

Support Documents

ERM Forum - May 9, 2011

ERM Bibliography


July 2011