Internal Location Codes

From OPAC minutes of 9/5/91

OPAC committee charge is to recommend 5-character location codes for
identification of each institution at OhioLINK Central.  The committee
is also to recommend the labels which will display on OPAC in place of
the codes.

1st-2nd characters  institution                     
3rd character       region
4th character       type of library
5th character       subject concentration

Possible types of libraries were identified in relationship to the
original eighteen OhioLINK participants and in antici- pation of other
types of libraries joining the system later.  Three types were
identified for the original 18 participants:

                    u                  university
                    m                  free-standing medical school
                    g                  government

Other types potentially participating in the future:

c            community college
s            special
p            public
t            technical school
r            regional campus
b            four-year college
Subject concentraotn codes were planned for possible future use to
identify specialized libraries within an institution.  Initially, the
following two codes will be used for the original eighteen

g      general   (used for universities)
h      health sciences (used for free-standing medical schools)
l      law

Future specialization codes could include:

a                  art/architecture                                             p                  physical sciences
b                  business                                                     r                  special collections
c                  maps                                                         s                  life sciences
d                  education                                                    t                  social sciences
e                  engineering/computer science                                 u                  humanities
m                  music
Based on the above segments, the five character codes for each
institution are listed below:

Code                       Label                                                             
AK2ug                      AKR                                                               
BG1ug                      BGU                                                               
CW2ug                      CWR                                                               
CE3ug                      CEN                                                               
CI3ug                      CIN                                                               
CS2ug                      CSU                                                               
DA3ug                      DAY                                                               
KE2ug                      KE
WS3ug                      WSU
MU3ug                      MIA
NE2mh                      NEO
OS4ug                      OSU
OU4ug                      OU
SH4ug                      SHW
SL4gg                      SLO
TO1ug                      TOL