Internet Training (USC) - Discharged 8/94

May 25, 1993

To:                              OhioLINK List

From:                            Barbara F. Schloman, Chair
                                 OhioLINK User Services Committee

Subject:                         Formation of Task Force on OhioLINK
                                 Internet Training

The Library Advisory Council's Coordinating Committee has approved a
task force to investigate offering Internet training to staff of
OhioLINK libraries.  The Task Force is in place and reports to the User
Services Committee.

OhioLINK User Services Committee

Task Force on OhioLINK Internet Training

The task force will investigate, propose and implement a means to
provide training for the staff of OhioLINK libraries on the resources
available through OhioLINK, OARnet, and the Internet in the context of
user services.  This will conclude the work done to date by the former
Education & Training Committee.

Specifically, the User Services Committee asks that:

1.     the workshop outline include a practical introduction to using
       the Internet for OhioLINK services, as well as a conceptual
       introduction to the Internet as a dynamic telecommunications

2.     the assumption exists that the workshop begins at the point of
       the OhioLINK menu and leaves training in logon procedures to
       local sites.

3.     the task force's investigation include the most efficient and
       effective ways to deliver such training with attention to
       personnel, facilities, costs.

4.     appropriate evaluation criteria and methods be determined and


The Task Force will aim for training being made available in Fall
1993.  An evaluative report and recommendations for future workshops
will be submitted to the User Services Committee in December 1993.

George Lupone, Chair, Cleveland State University
Tom Klingler, (Full Member, User Services Committee), University of Akron
Diane Kovacs, Kent State University
Tim Smith, Ohio University
Pat Walker, Wright State University
Elizabeth Timmons, OhioLINK staff liaison