This getting started checklist was developed by the OhioLINK Inter-Campus Services Committee and the PCIRC discussion group to help libraries who are preparing to implement the PCIRC function. It is divided into three parts: System Set-Up, Operational Set-Up, and Operational Guidelines.

If the PCIRC supervisor does not have the authority to Alter System Parameters, he or she will need to work closely with the lead implementer to get the System Set-Up completed. It is important, however, that the PCIRC supervisor understand how the system works so that problems can be solved locally whenever possible.

The Operational Set-Up and Guidelines are suggestions compiled by experienced library staffs who have made the system work efficiently for their institutions and for PCIRC users throughout the state.

Please refer also to Innovative Interfaces documentation:
Innovative User Manual  (choose INN-Reach Manual) **CSDirect login and password required

Please remember that, like every component of the OhioLINK project, PCIRC is constantly changing. The only way to keep up with new policies, procedures and system improvements is to monitor the OhioLINK, ICS and PCIRC email lists carefully. A useful tool in the monitoring of policies is the OhioLINK Policy Handbook.

November 2013