Library Load Priority

During the matching process, when a match is found and both records are equal in completeness, the Library Load Priority is one criterion to choose the master record. Priorities are listed here with practical designations 1-3, along with the internal code used by III.

Priority 1
(III level 11)

Libraries that maintain authority control on both LC and MeSH headings:

  • Case Western Reserve
  • Kent State U
  • Ohio State U
  • Ohio U
  • U of Cincinnati
  • Wright State
  • Youngstown State
Priority 2
(III level 10)
Other OhioLINK libraries that use OCLC for cataloging
Priority 3
(III levels 1-8)

OhioLINK libraries that do not use OCLC for cataloging:

  • Eastern Gateway CC
  • Edison CC
  • Hocking College
  • Terra Com Col
  • Washington St CC
  • U of NW Ohio

November 2012