Minimal Bibliographic Record Standards

(Standard established in 1995 and revised in 2000)

This standard should be applied to all brief bibliographic records contributed to the Central database, including order records. Minimal records might be created as part of the ordering process or to provide access to material where full cataloging is not imminent.

Records that fall below the MANDATORY level should not be contributed to the Central database. See Do Not Contribute below. More complete records are always encouraged.

MANDATORY: TITLE • Include subtitle if available (including cataloger supplied titles)
  IMPRINT • Place (City) : Publisher, Date
REQUIRED IF AVAILABLE: AUTHOR, first or primary • Personal author Last Name, First
• Corporate author Full Name
  SERIES TITLE ; v • Record the series statement as it appears on the source
  STANDARD NUMBERS • ISBN (Input without hyphens into the "ISBN/ISSN" field)
• ISSN (Input with a hyphen into the "ISBN/ISSN" field)

Institutions wishing to submit a group of records to the Central Catalog that do not meet the above criteria must request an exception from the Database Management and Standards Committee.


Do Not Contribute

Suppress (BCODE3 = z) the following types of records from the Central Catalog.

(1) Approval records added to local systems should not be contributed to the Central database until accepted at the local system.

(2) Records for new items on the GPO shipping list should not be contributed to Central until an OCLC number is available. The only exception to this policy is for the State Library, since it is a full depository.

(3) Circulation on-the-fly records should never be contributed to the Central database.

(4) Non-MARC brief order/bib records. INN-Reach sofware automatically assigns Encoding Level blank to non-MARC records, which gives them the highest priority to become master record. A non-MARC record will overlay an existing record if:

  • the non-MARC record has an OCLC number or ISBN that matches an existing record, and
  • the non-MARC record has Encoding Level blank (automatically assigned)

The non-MARC record overlays the existing record, even if the existing record was a full catalog record.

If you want to contribute brief records, either:

(a) create them as MARC records and assign Encoding Level "K" or "Z" (if you need help setting an Encoding Level for a brief MARC template, open a Service Request with Innovative), or

(b) omit the OCLC number and ISBN so that your record will not match up with any other record.

October 2009