OhioLINK Advisory Council Policy

This policy establishes four advisory councils and related bodies that will report to the OhioLINK Executive Director to provide advice and assistance to the Director and the Governing Board on policies, projects, activities, and fiscal plans.

  1. The four councils, their compositions, and roles are summarized in Attachment A.
  2. The general provisions for selection of members to each group are summarized in Attachment B.
  3. The major functions and responsibilities of these four groups and related groups with respect to financial and operating plans are summarized in Attachment C.

In addition to these attachments, which are the substantive components of this policy, these  comments are provided.

  1. This policy does not specifically prescribe the process by which these councils execute their functions.  The Executive Director is directed to implement, coordinate, and evolve such processes to maximum effectiveness as needed in conjunctions with the councils.
  2. Attachment A is meant to reflect two necessary tenets of OhioLINK's success.  First, that its success requires broad participation and consensus from the member institutions. Second, that it also requires a clear decision making hierarchy, from the councils through the Executive Director to the Governing Board.
  3. In addition to the community college representation provided for on LAC, TAC, UAC, and SAC Attachment A provides for future community college groups that parallel the LAC and Lead Implementors in composition.  The Executive Director is directed to activate these or similar groups as necessary to support the implementation of OhioLINK within community colleges.
  4. The Executive Director is required to enable the councils to perform their functions effectively through the provision of necessary management tools.  These tools will manifest themselves differently over time as OhioLINK evolves, but includes these basic instruments.
  1. Regular financial reports of actual and planned operating and capital expenditures.
  2. Annual and multi-year operating plans, updated periodically
  3. Policy Manual
  4. Regular reports of OhioLINK operational activities and decisions.

Approved:   5/18/93