OhioLINK Advisory Council Selection

Attachment B

TAC-Technical Advisory Council

  • New group effective 7/1/93
  • Osteer Chair and OARtech Chair serve for duration of their terms.
  • Four-year computer center staff member - serves for three years. Recommendations made jointly by the OSTEER and OARtech Chairs to the Executive Director.
  • Two-year computer center staff member - serves for three years. Recommendations made by the OACC chief instructional officers to Executive Director.
  • Four Lead Implementors serve for three-year terms, initially staggered (2 - one year, 1 - two years, 1 - three years). Selected by LACCC with consultation from OhioLINK staff.

LAC - Library Advisory Council

  • 18 directors from the 13 public universities, two private universities, two medical schools, one state library serve indefinitely.
  • Three directors from the two-year colleges serve three-year terms, initially staggered beginning in 7/93 (1 - one year, 1 - two years, 1 - three years). Recommended by the OACC library directors to the OACC chief instructional officers.
  • One law library representative serves three years beginning 7/93 upon the recommendation of the law library directors of OhioLINK law libraries.

LACCC, LAC Working Committees

  • Selection and terms established 12/18/92, "Revised Planning and Reorganization Program" for the 18 original member institutions.
  • Parallel process to be established for the three community college representatives.

UAC - User Advisory Council

  • New Group effective 7/1/93.
  • 21 representatives from the 18 original OhioLINK members and three community colleges selected from each library's faculty or campus advisory committee. The Executive Director will inquire of each of the 18 library directors each Spring for its representative for the next year.
  • The three community colleges representatives will be chosen from the three institutions sitting on the LAC each Spring for its representatives for the next year.

SAC - Strategy Advisory Council

  • New group effective 7/93.
  • Selection is automatic for all seats except the two UAC reps. These two will be selected from the UAC membership at their first meeting of each fiscal year.