OhioLINK cataloging e-resources

In April 2014, OhioLINK began centrally cataloging eResources. There may be some differences from past eResource catalog records and OhioLINK cataloged ones as we ensure all records conform to DMS standards.


Possible MARC field differences:

  • Ensuring all records meet DMS standards; for eBooks, 506 and 710 will be used instead of the previous 773
  • Accepting eBook records with 007s beginning with "cr"
  • Revising eBook 006s to match "m\\\\\o\\d\\\\\\\\"
  • Providing eJournal records in RDA
  • General, minimal cataloging clean-up
  • Adding a 910 with a batch name for local use, change, or deletion as local standards dictate (started 2016)


Timeline for sending out records on DMS and Leads listservs:

  • Weekly eBook batches, grouped in batches by publisher (Wednesdays)
  • Monthly eJournal batches (last Wednesday of the month)


Naming conventions:

  • Starting in June 2014, OhioLINK will name files as: ebookpublisher-YYYY-MM-DD or ejc-YYYY-MM


MARC files on the FTP server:

  • The server will have 2 years of MARC files and OhioLINK will retain them for longer internally. If a needed file is no longer on the server, please contact Emily Flynn with the request. Periodically, files from previous years will be consolidated into one file, but the most recent ones will remain as individual batches.