OhioLINK Interlibrary Loan Policy

Approved by InterCampus Services Committee - November 19, 1998 To replace "OhioLINK Interlibrary Loan Policies, Effective July 1, 1993" and "OhioLINK Interlibrary Loan Rush Fax & ILL Procedures" dated 9/26/96.

Revised September 2010.
Revised Slightly May 2012



1. ELIGIBILITY: All OhioLINK member libraries agree to provide reciprocal interlibrary loan, or supply of requested materials, to other OhioLINK member libraries without charge. This applies to all types of materials loaned, but not available through OhioLINK Patron-Initiated Circulation (P-Circ). Following an initial start-up period for new OhioLINK institutions, materials available via P-Circ should not be requested via interlibrary loan. Reciprocity begins when a new member library goes "live" on P-Circ.

2. REQUESTS: Requests may be initiated through any standard resource sharing network (OCLC or Docline). Other forms (email, Web, or ALA) may be substituted as long as all standard bibliographic data is included (see Interlibrary Loan Practices Handbook by Virginia Boucher, 3rd edition, 2011). The requesting library must indicate OhioLINK membership on the request. Affiliated institutions must indicate their OhioLINK relationship on the request. Printed requests may be submitted via Odyssey, Ariel, fax, OhioLINK courier, or U.S. Mail.

3. COPYRIGHT COMPLIANCE AND LICENSE AGREEMENTS: Requests for non-returnable materials (e.g., of articles, book chapters, etc.) must indicate compliance with Section 108 of the U.S. Copyright Law and CONTU guidelines. Compliance is indicated on the request as either "CCL" or "CCG." Requests which lack such indication of compliance should be returned unfilled.

License information affecting ILL operations can be found at Electronic Journal Center Subscription Information (http://platinum.ohiolink.edu/cirm/vendorsubinfo/index.html). If no indication of ILL rights is indicated then follow the Electronic Journal Center Summary License document that is excerpted here:

Inter-Library Loan – Electronic Articles

For any title held by a library in print at the time that the original license went into effect, the ability to supply this title for ILL purposes is retained even if that title is cancelled in print form. The article must first be reduced to print before being supplied.

There are reporting requirements on this activity which are being met by OhioLINK and require no action by libraries.

Each library has no right to fill ILL requests for titles that it did not own in print at the time that the original license went into effect.

Inter-Library Loan – Print-based Articles

There is no change on traditional ILL rights for any title for which a library maintains a print copy.

4. FULFILLMENT OF REQUESTS: Requests should be filled electronically when possible. Use of the free-of-charge Odyssey Standalone Software is strongly encouraged for non-ILLiad libraries. – as recommended by ICS and endorsed by LAC. See :  http://www.atlas-sys.com/odyssey/ for further information. A copy of the original request should be sent with the material supplied.

5. PRIORITY OF OHIOLINK REQUESTS: At the supplying library, priority should be given to ILL requests from other OhioLINK institutions. Every effort should be made to respond to all OhioLINK requests within two working days.

6. AFFILIATE INSTITUTIONS: Materials shipped to affiliated institutions which are not OhioLINK delivery sites, such as hospital libraries, should be sent to the sponsoring institution (e.g., NEOUMED, The Ohio State University, etc.) for forwarding, unless another, mutual agreement between the parties has been made.


1. Rush requests should be kept to a minimum because they disrupt the daily workflow at the supplying libraries and are time-consuming for supplying libraries to fill. OhioLINK members do not charge each other for rush requests.

2. Rush requests should be clearly marked as such.

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