OhioLINK Staff Salary Management Policy

General Policy:  That OhioLINK normally work within the Human Resources policies, schedules and pay grades of the institution designated as administrator for staff salary and benefits expenses, but that the Governing Board has the right to override these if deemed appropriate to the specific situation.  That OhioLINK salary levels and salary increases be granted at the sole discretion of the OhioLINK Governing Board.

Rationale:  The policy recognizes that:

  1. The administrator is a device to administer OhioLINK funds but does not have any direct active management role in OhioLINK.
  2. The administrator does not have authority over OhioLINK's budget and its expenditures.  These rest with the Governing Board.
  3. OhioLINK may have different salary requirements based on its physical location and staff needs.
  4. That OhioLINK will operate within the administrator's personnel policies, but that OhioLINK has the ability to modify them as authorized by the Governing Board and the provost of the designated administrator.

Specific policies (to be added or modified as needed):

  1. (1/93)  Annual salary adjustments and performance appraisals will be made for all staff effective on July 1 of each year with the approval of the Executive Committee.
  2. (1/93)  Creation of and modifications to the job requirements, job descriptions, and pay ranges can be made with the approval of the Executive Committee of the Governing Board.

Approved:   5/18/93