OhioLINK Suppression Codes

Codes in each type of record can be used to regulate whether the record displays in the local system, and also to regulate display of the record in the Central Catalog. The following codes regulate suppression and display. They may also be called "contribution codes."

Type of record Suppression code
bibliographic BCODE3
item ICODE2
order CODE4
check-in SCODE2

Within OhioLINK, values are also coordinated for these codes. That is, all OhioLINK institutions use the same scheme of values. Use of other values in these fields will result in the display of the record at the central site, whether or not that was the coder's intention. The following codes are used:

Code Label Display in local catalog? Display in Central Catalog?
blank DIS LOC&CENT yes yes
s SUPLOC/NOCENT no (configured by Innovative) no


See also Contributing Records to the INN-Reach Catalog, Innovative Guide & Reference Release 2009A, Page # 103422.

Previously, BCODE3 "g" was used in BCODE3 for OhioLINK Resources. Code "g" caused the public record to display with the caption "OhioLINK Resource", and also suppressed display of institutional holdings. Code "g" was discontinued in 2009, with the implementation of field 956 for local URLs. Previous (2003) suppression code standards.

January 31, 2002
updated October 2009