OhioLINK Webinars and Presentations

Below are links to recorded training presentations and powerpoint slides by OhioLINK staff.

OhioLINK Webinars

  • New Ostaff Preview Webinar (6/1/2016) - This webinar gave a demo of the changes OhioLINK is making to the Ostaff pages, scheduled to be implemented on June 8, 2016.  To view the recording, visit the webinar page (requires Ostaff account). 


  • How OhioLINK Works (9/17/2015) - OhioLINK provided a webinar on “How OhioLINK Works” for library staff at member institutions.  Executive Director Gwen Evans and Deputy Director Amy Pawlowski were the primary presenters and covered the history and structure of OhioLINK, a general overview of the budget, committees and how decisions get made, staff roles at OhioLINK and took questions from attendees.  The recording can be viewed from this page (requires Ostaff account). 

Systems and Technical Services Presentations

  • An Introduction to the Central Catalog (3/24/2014) - This webinar is an overview of the Central Catalog and includes a brief history about its creation, how local catalogs work with Central, and the current and future practices of OhioLINK eResources cataloging. (Recorded Webinar) (Powerpoint Slides


  • OhioLINK and Discovery (5/22/2014) - This webinar covers the role that OhioLINK resources play in Discovery and A-to-Z, including: which OhioLINK resources are available in discovery layers; the processes for how these resources are updated; and how these resources display in A-to-Z lists. The focus is on EBSCO products, but some content will apply more broadly. (Recorded Webinar) (Powerpoint Slides


  • How PCIRC Works: Secrets from Behind the Scenes (7/18/2014) - We all know how PCIRC requesting works, but how do the systems talk to each other, what information is passed and stored at the borrowing site as well as the lending site, and what PCIRC parameters come into play?  Then there's SearchOhio, Pickup Anywhere, and Visiting Patron.  How do these functions differ from regular PCIRC?  For a look behind the scenes for all things PCIRC, view the recording of the OhioLINK webinar:  How PCIRC Works:  Secrets from Behind the Scenes. (Recorded Webinar) (Powerpoint Slides)


  • OhioLINK ETD Center: Various Uses for a Variety of People (9/17/2014) - The OhioLINK Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) Center provides services and tools beyond the submission and housing of students' work. Everyone from the general public to academic users, graduate school staff to librarians can use the ETD Center to fit their needs. This webinar walks through the different uses by these distinct populations, discusses the ETD submission process, and answers the many questions from webinar attendees. (Recorded Webinar) (Powerpoint Slides)