Patron Definition Task Force

Patron Definition Task Force - 2/10/97


Chair: Bill Studer, Ohio State University
Tom Sanville, Executive Director, OhioLINK
Bill Beuther, Cuyahoga Community College
Nancy Schwerner, Clark State Community College
Kathleen List, Ohio Wesleyan
David Boilard, Medical College of Ohio
Roger Guard, University of Cincinnati, Medical Center
Scott Van Dam, Miami University
Jim Buchman, State Library of Ohio, ICS Chair

The PD Task Force is charged with refining and completing, for LAC review, a working definition of what constitutes the primary patron group for OhioLINK member libraries. For purposes of this task force the primary patron group is that group which receives full access to patron-initiated circulation and all OhioLINK databases, including commercial licensed databases, under the general economic support provided by OhioLINK central funds and member libraries.

Ancillary issues which it would be helpful for the Task Force to review and clarify are:

    What categories of databases and services should be made freely available to ANY in-library patrons and off-campus dial-in/Internet users and which should or need to be restricted to the primary patron group as well as the conditions allowing exceptions.
    Do we have a consistent policy and mechanism for charge backs to non-primary patron groups, e.g. hospitals (in or out of state), participating private Ohio based colleges (not in the original OL consortium), communities surrounding community colleges, law firms, or fee-for-service operations run by OL libraries.

As a starting point the Task Force should review the existing policies and agreements already in place:

    Section E. Circulation Policies of the OhioLINK Policy Handbook covering:

general patron circulation and ILL policies
on-site borrowing
courtesy card holders-circulation and database access
document pricing for image and ASCII formats

    Board Resolution of 8/8/94 for Extension of Health Sciences and the related Associated Medical Institution MOU.
    Board Resolution of 9/21/95, Principles for Admitting Special Collections Libraries
    Independent College--Basic and Enhanced Services Participation Agreement

The Task Force, or representatives from it, will meet as necessary with specific working groups, such as the Hospital's working group, to advise them and remain informed on the issues of particular concern to the specific group.

Although there is no specific timetable for completing their work, the committee is encouraged to work expeditiously.