Policies and Philosophies


SUBJECT: Library Has Policies and Philosophies

DATE: September 28, 1993

FROM: Carol P. Hawks, Chair, Database Management & Standards Committee

TO: OhioLINK Institutions

The attached documentation articulates the standards and formats
required for OhioLINK institutions in the creation and maintenance of
Library Has statements.  Seven basic agreements have been made by the
Library Advisory Council in support of this standard:

       1.      A one-time purchase of Library Has records will be made
       by OhioLINK central with ongoing maintenance costs absorbed by
       the local sites.  This purchase carries with it the commitment
       to create Library Has statements for all inactive and active

       2.      Institutions are advised to "let common sense prevail"
       in how to define a serial and whether to create Library Has
       statements for insignificant holdings.

       3.      Creation of Library Has statements for other types of
       titles such as monographic sets is at the institution's

       4.      The Library Has statement is a summary field and is not
       intended to reflect every detailed holding or gap in a title
       run.  Item records are the authority for detailed holdings and
       circulation status.

       5.      Institutions may choose to have more detailed holdings
       if they want to maintain the Library Has in that detail.
       However,  DMSC recommends that institutions carefully review the
       existing central system for examples of long, detailed

       6.      The standard allows for two holdings displays.  However,
       option A is preferred when new holdings are being created.

       7.      Institutions can bring any form of summary holdings into
       the Library Has statement in their initial load.  However,
       institutions have agreed to conform to the standard for all
       records created after 10-1-93.