Printing Paging Slips

  Select A> ADDITIONAL circulation functions at the CIRCULATION SUBSYSTEM menu.
  Select N> Print circulation NOTICES at the ADDITIONAL CIRCULATION FUNCTIONSmenu.
  Select L> Print INN-Reach paging slips at the PRINT CIRCULATION NOTICES menu.

You may select to 1> Prepare all notices or 2> Prepare notices only for a certain location at the PRINT PAGE/TRANSIT SLIPS menu. Note: only one location may print paging slips at a time.

  Wait, while the paging slip file is created and then press <SPACE> to continue.

Select S> SORT the Notice by Location and Call Number

Select B> BEGIN printing paging slips... at the PRINT PAGE SLIPS menu.

  Select the appropriate printer option at the PRINT PAGE SLIPS menu and your paging slips will print.

When the paging slips are finished printing, the system will ask you if the print-out was okay. Type y for yes if the print-out is okay and n for no if the print-out is not okay.

If you inadvertantly answer that the print-out is okay, and it really isn't, click HERE to recreate and print your OhioLINk paging slips.

No paging slips printed? Too few paging slips printed? Too many paging slips printed? Click HERE for an explanation.