Privacy Policy

OhioLINK is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of its users. Like all web and library services, we have access to some information about your use of our system. Listed below are the policies that determine how we gather and use that data.

What Information Does OhioLINK Gather?

Personally identifiable information. With the following exceptions, OhioLINK gathers no information that can identify individual users of our service. Exceptions are:

  • OhioLINK web servers log IP addresses of all requests. In some circumstances, your IP address may identify your physical location.
  • The OhioLINK remote authentication service uses the patron identification credentials required by your local library or academic institution. OhioLINK does not determine what those credentials are. Credentials are transmitted between OhioLINK and your local library or academic institution. Credentials are logged and stored only as long as necessary to determine that they will not be needed to investigate suspected misuse of our services, after which they are deleted.
  • To request materials through the OhioLINK library catalog, you must provide your name and identification information. This information is not stored at OhioLINK, but is transmitted to your local library, the library that owns the requested materials, and if necessary the library where you will pick the materials up. Your personal information is retained at the owning and pickup locations only as long as the material is checked out to you. The information you are required to provide is determined by your local library, and is transmitted unencrypted.
  • To use e-mail notification of search results in the Electronic Journal Center, you must provide your e-mail address, which is stored along with your saved searches.
  • Online forms may ask for personally identifiable data, such as your name or e-mail address. Data sent this way will not be shared outside OhioLINK unless required by law.

Search histories. OhioLINK web services log information including your IP address, domain name, and web pages visited on our sites. In some databases, this includes your search history. We use this data on an aggregate basis to measure usage and to improve and administer our services. We do not monitor individuals’ search histories or library borrowing patterns.

Cookies. Some OhioLINK services make use of cookies. The OhioLINK remote authentication service requires the use of a cookie that remains on your workstation for a maximum of two hours. The value of this cookie is logged for a maximum of two weeks, and may be used to trace individual use in cases of suspected misuse of our services. All other cookies set by OhioLINK servers are optional.

What Information Does OhioLINK Share With Other Organizations?

Sharing with commercial firms. Individual records or log entries gathered by OhioLINK are never sold to or shared with commercial firms. Aggregate data may be shared with OhioLINK vendors to document our use of their services.

Sharing with non-commercial organizations. Data gathered by OhioLINK is not made available outside of OhioLINK and its member libraries, except for the following purposes:

  • OhioLINK may be required to provide data in response to legal orders or subpoenas, or to comply with Ohio public records laws.
  • OhioLINK may provide data to staff at colleges, universities, or commercial Internet providers in the course of investigating suspected misuse of our services.

Links to other services. OhioLINK provides links to services not under our control; OhioLINK is not responsible for privacy practices at those sites.

August 2013