Private Colleges


Action Requested: Approval of one of the two attached letters for distribution to the private college community.

Summary: Pursuant to previous discussions at Board meeting, I prepared the attached discussion paper outlining in greater detail the issues surrounding the participation of private colleges in OhioLINK.

I have had discussions with the library directors at Oberlin, Denison and Wooster to get a sense of their expectations. The OhioLINK library directors have seen this document and discussed it briefly at their last meeting.

My sense is that there is general agreement among the directors to the advantages of private college participation although individual directors expressed concern over the need for criterion, the desire to delay actual implementation until the OhioLINK core libraries have more experience, and the negative aspect of improving the private colleges general recruiting competitiveness against OhioLINK institutions by providing access to the OhioLINK collection.

My general hope is that we can agree on the advantages of private college participation, agree on general terms for such a relationship and advise that community so that they can make III purchase decisions if desired. This announcement would be made as soon as possible.

The Executive Committee reviewed this document at their July metting and on that basis I have prepared two very similar documents. One is specific to private colleges. The other utilizes a generic position statement with a specific private college cover letter. These follow the discussion paper.