Recommendations and Vendor Information

Note: the following information has been extracted from the web pages of
each company.


ZoomText Xtra

The Total Low-Vision Solution
ZoomText Xtra(TM) is a new generation of adaptive software for   
Windows 95 and Windows 3.1, that integrates multiple technologies to   
achieve a total low-vision solution. The ZoomText Xtra family of   
software consists of three product levels based on the world's leading  
 magnification program, ZoomText.
Level 1 is the most advanced screen magnifier on the market! Level 2
offers a fully integrated magnifier and screen reader - designed   
specifically for the low-vision computer user. Level 3, which is still  
under development, will add scanning, OCR, form-filling and printing.  
Another innovative feature of ZoomText Xtra is its document reading  
 module, called DocReader(TM). Existing in all three product levels,   
DocReader is a full-screen environment for reading text from any   
Windows application. A few clicks and you can sit back while DocReader  
 automatically reads through complete documents, including web pages   
and email.
Free Trial Version!
Still not convinced? Well, don't take our word for it. Download a
free trial version and see for yourself.
 ZoomText Xtra Level 1
 Advanced Screen Magnification
 Xtra Level 1 is the most advanced screen magnifier on the market   
today! We've added a host of new features including state-of-the-art   
edge smoothing, line and component magnification, cursor enhancements,  
 color filtering, support for High Color display modes and a brand new  
 user interface.
Level 1 Features
* Magnification levels from 2x to 16x
* Advanced smoothing for sharp text at any power
* Powerful zoom windows for full-screen and partial-screen enlargement
* Display up to 6 zoom windows simultaneously
* Variable speed panning of the magnified view
* Intelligent tracking of all screen activity
* Zoom in and out on selected screen locations
* Cursor enhancements including multiple sizes and
* Built-in document reader reads text from any Windows program     
* Color filter including contrast, gray-scale and inversion settings    
* Automatic routing of the cursor to the magnified view
* Works with Microsoft� Active Accessibility(TM)
* Supports 16, 256 and High Color display modes at any resolution  
* Comprehensive on-line help system and large-print documentation    
 * Runs in Windows 95 and Windows 3.1
* Requires 486 or higher processor and 8MB memory
Level 1 Pricing (USA and Canada)

ZX Level 1 (for Windows 95 and 3.1) $395
ZX Level 1 Plus (includes ZoomText for DOS) $595
ZX Level 1 Upgrade * (from older ZoomText versions) $95
* proof of purchase required for upgrades
Multi-user and site license packages are also available.

ZoomText Xtra Level 2
Magnification and Screen Reading
Xtra Level 2 is the only product of its kind, integrating advanced   
magnification and screen reading. Designed specifically for the    low-
vision user, Level 2 speaks all Windows components, echoes typing    and
even reads multi-page documents! Its integrated text-to-speech   
software works on any Windows 95 sound card.
Level 2 Features

* All Level 1 features, plus...
* Fully synchronized magnification and screen reading
* Built-in text-to-speech software supports all Windows 95 soundcards
* Speaks all essential Windows components
* Reads characters, words or lines of text, simply by moving the caret
* Echoes keyboard typing by character or by word
* Speech settings for adjusting voice, rate, pitch and     
* Verbosity settings for controlling the amount of speech feedback
* Screen reader features can be used with or without magnification
* Built-in document reader with integrated speech
* Supports all SSIL synthesizers and SoundBlasters with TextAssist
* Comprehensive on-line help system and large-print documentation  
* Runs in Windows 95 and Windows 3.1
* Requires 486 or higher processor, 16MB memory and a Windows sound
card or speech synthesizer
Level 2 Pricing (USA and Canada)

ZX Level 2 (for Windows 95 and 3.1) $595
ZX Level 2 Plus (includes ZoomText for DOS) $795
ZX Level 2 Upgrade * (from ZX Level 1) $200
(from older ZoomText versions) $195
* proof of purchase required for upgrades
Multi-user and site license packages are also available.

Ai Squared,
P.O. Box 669, Manchester Center, VT 05255
phone: (802) 362-3612,  fax: (802) 362-1670

Site License Information
Ai Squared software is available in various multi-user
configurations, which are referred to as a site licenses. A site
license permits an organization use our software amongst multiple
users. The number of users covered by a site license ranges from five
to unlimited, depending on the configuration purchased. Each site
license is restricted for use at a single facility (site). This includes a
single business location
or a single college campus, but does not include multiple business
locations or separate

Site Starter Pack
Each site license includes one Starter Pack. The Starter Pack
contains five user licenses. Additional users can be added when
purchasing the Starter Pack or at a later time (see Five-License
Pack). The Starter Pack includes the following:

* 1 set of product disks
* 5 sets of documentation
* 5 user licenses
* site license agreement (two copies)
* registration card
Five-License Pack
If  a site has more than 5 users, additional licenses can be added to
 the Starter Pack. These add-on licenses are sold in groups of five   
users and can be purchased along with the Starter Pack or at a later   
time. When a site license contains a total of 50 user licenses (1   
Starter Pack plus 9 Five-License Packs), it is automatically converted  
 to an unlimited site license, which covers an unlimited number of   
users at the site. Each Five-License Pack includes the following:      *
1 set of documentation
* 5 user licenses
Unlimited Site Pack
If  a site has more than 50 users, an Unlimited Site Pack can be   
purchased. An unlimited site license covers an unlimited number of   
users at a single site. The Unlimited Site Pack includes:

* 1 Site Starter Pack
* 10 additional sets of documentation (total of 15)
* unlimited number of user licenses
Site License Pricing (USA and Canada)
Starter Pack 5-User Pack Unlimited License
ZX Level 1 $1,595 $395 $5,150
ZX Level 2 $2,395 $595 $7,750
ZX Level 1 Plus * $2,395 $595 $7,750
ZX Level 2 Plus * $3,195 $795 $10,350


OnScreen (on-screen keyboard with WordComplete)
Our on-screen keyboard allows the user to enter text into any
application. I've included many special features based on feedback   
from actual on-screen keyboard users. A few are:
WordComplete gives you choices of words you've used previously, in
the order of frequency-of- use, to complete your current word. It
learns as you use it, adding to its built-in word bank.
SizeApp/Auto-Arrange lets you size the application you are typing   
'into', so that the OnScreen and app. windows do not cover each other.  
Availability: Windows, Mac - $99
Works with: any pointing device (SAM - page 15 works well)
SAM - Trackball
(Switch-Adapted Mouse devices)
Now you can plug your switch(es) into our Switch-Adapted Mouse (SAM)
device for your PC or Mac for a variety of purposes!
* 1) Operate all special needs software that can be operated by a  
mouseclick (like ours!) or simple keystroke(s).

* 2) Access all regular software, like that from any computer
store!The switch-user does all the clicking of the mouse,
through SAM, while you move it. This turns any computer activity
into great cooperative fun.

* 3) Allow a person with gross-motor hand (or fine-motor head )    
control to move the mouse, and do the clicking, double clicking,     
and click-lock (for drag) with other parts of their body.

* 4) Give complete computer control, of any software, to a single  
switch user via our CrossScanner (page 7).
You simply plug SAM-Trackball where your current mouse is, and plug  
your switch(es) into SAM. A switch plugged into one of SAM's switch   
inputs acts as the corresponding button, function (click, double   
click), or, with Biggy (page 3) as a keystroke. The latching button is  
 a useful drag-lock.
* PC - SAM-Trackball comes with both serial and PS/2 connectors.   
* Mac - SAM-Trackball plugs into your mouse/keyboard/ADB port, to     
replace your mouse. It functions as your regular mouse device AND     
your switch interface.
SAM - Joystick
I also make SAM as a joystick. It also has a click, double click, and
drag switch inputs. I've seen this joystick really change lives! When
you push the stick, the cursor does not go flying, no matter what the
user does. It simply moves in that direction at a given speed,   
controllable by the supervisor from a switch underneath. I recommend   
mounting SAM to our Magic arm, for optimal positioning.
 PC - SAM-Trackball comes with both serial and PS/2 connectors.

 Mac - SAM-Trackball plugs into your mouse/keyboard/ADB port, to replace
your mouse.
It functions as your regular mouse device AND your switch interface
PC or Mac - $134; Add $25 for a simple switch.
(Remember, please add 10% for shipping and handling)


JAWS for Windows 3.2
(May be Authorized for Windows NT or Windows 95.)
JFW 3.2 Includes Software, Manual, Quick Reference Guide in
Braille, and audio cassette training tapes. JAWS for Windows is a  
true 32-bit application. This means that it takes advantage of all   
the power and sophistication available in Windows 95 or Windows NT    
4.0. It also means faster response, even with software synthesizers    
 and Braille displays. JFW 3.2 also features fantastic support for     
Internet Explorer 4.01, including the ability to reformat complex     
web pages and list links alphabetically in an easy-to-use list box.     
Other features include MS-DOS windows support, improved help     
functions, and many other features which make JAWS for Windows the     
most powerful, responsive and generally applicable Windows screen     
reader available.

Dedicated, Multi-Lingual Software Synthesizer Included
Along with a simple installation, JAWS for Windows will install its
very own software speech synthesizer that works with your Microsoft
Windows 95 or Windows NT sound card. Right from the start, without
any additional hardware or software, you add the power of JAWS for
Windows to your computer at home, on your laptop, at school, or in
the office without the need to purchase an additional synthesizer  
or move one from system to system. This synthesizer features     
support for seven languages, including U.S. English, British     
English, German, Italian, French, Castilian Spanish and Latin     
Spanish. The DECtalk Access32 software synthesizer is also
available at an additional charge.
32-bit JFW Offers
* Support for software and hardware synthesizers and Braille displays
* Screen sensitive and context sensitive help to learn the applications
* Complete on-line documentation
* Dictionary Manager for improved pronunciation
* Keyboard and hot key help to learn the keys
* Keyboard Manager for customizing layouts
* Frame Manager for non-standard applications
* Access to MS-DOS� windows
* Support for Microsoft� Active Accessibility in Windows�

Features Explained
JAWS for Windows 3.2 includes a number of exciting new features.   
Talking CD Install
New installation is easier than ever. Just insert the CD into the  
CD-ROM drive and leave the installation to us. In a few minutes,     
JAWS for Windows will install on your computer. Not only will the     
installation be easier, but also right from the moment it starts,     
your computer will talk. The installation is interactive, giving     
you the information you need, immediately, verbally, without having     
to second-guess the installation process.

During the installation, JAWS for Windows runs a diagnostic tool,  
called Dr. JAWS, that reviews your current system and recommends     
the best setup for running JAWS for Windows. It will check the     
number of colors and the video card in your system and if you     
indicate in the installation, will even make the appropriate     
adjustments to your system.
JAWS for Windows Merge
A new utility that runs during the installation of JFW 3.2 will    
upgrade the previous versions installed on your computer. Now, you     
won't have to manually merge the changes from the previous
configuration file to the new version. With this utility, the     
changes and additions to the new version are automatically merged     
into your dictionary, graphic, and configuration files. In a future     
release, the utility will be enhanced to also merge the script and     
frame files.
Dedicated Software Speech Synthesizer
Along with a simple installation, JAWS for Windows will also     
install its very own software speech synthesizer that will work     
with your Microsoft Windows 95 sound card. Right from the start,     
without any additional hardware or software, you add the power of     
JAWS for Windows to your computer at home, on your laptop, at     
school, or in the office without the need to purchase an additional     
synthesizer or move one from system to system.
Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01
Everyone has been searching for a screen reader with comprehensive
Internet capabilities. Now, the search has ended. The newest     
version of JAWS for Windows has the ability to read almost every     
page found on the Internet using Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01.     
With a simple keystroke, pages with graphics, complex columns, and     
even frames are reformatted into an easy to read single column. In     
addition, with a single keystroke, you will have access to all the     
frames or links on the page in a simple list box. Once in the list     
box, just type the first letter of the link you want to view and     
JFW jumps through the list to the link you chose to let you press     
ENTER to select it.
This new version of JAWS for Windows also gives you access to the  
tool bar in IE 4.01 with a list box too. With a single keystroke,    
you are in a list box of all the icons on the tool bar. Type the     
first letter of the item to locate and select the icon and when you     
press ENTER you simulate the point and click maneuvers without     
having to navigate the mouse pointer or label graphics.
Enhanced Braille Capabilities
Many Braille enhancements now make refreshable Braille displays    
work better than ever. At the heart of the changes is the all new     
structured mode. Henter-Joyce has placed heavy emphasis on this     
display mode, which lets modifiable Scripts pick relevant
information from the screen and display it in a single Braille line
with the ability to pan through it. An example of this can be seen
in dialog boxes where structured mode displays the window type and
title. If the dialog is a multi-page dialog, the page tab with     
focus will be displayed. Also on the display you will find the     
group box name, the control with focus along with its condition.     
All of this on one line and you have the ability to customize it as     
well via scripts.
The original structured mode that has been in JAWS for Windows is  
now going to be known as Speech Box mode and will still let you     
review the most recent spoken information sent to the synthesizer.      
Another Braille feature that is now available lets you select text
without ever taking your hands off the Braille display. Other     
Braille options found in the Configuration Manager include Braille     
marking, Braille Sleep mode, Braille Dot Patterns, Braille Cursor.     
You can even use abbreviations now.
Audio Programming Compatibility
JAWS for Windows is now compatible with music programs. Most     
specifically, you can use the music program, Cakewalk Pro Audio     
version 6.1, with JFW 3.2 to quickly record, edit, process, and mix     
complete multi-track MIDI and audio projects. There is even a     
complete text file in the TECNOTES directory to help get you     
New and Improved Miscellaneous Scripts
Henter-Joyce is continuously improving the scripts in an attempt to
keep up with the numerous application releases. Included in the 3.2
release of JAWS for Windows, we have included new scripts for Corel
WordPerfect versions 7 and 8, the E-mail package, Eudora, versions
3 and 4, Quicken 98, Outlook, Outlook Express, and Netscape version
Improvements have also been made for Microsoft Word 8 to properly  
identify the font characteristics including accurate point size     
even when the tool bars are turned off. JFW also recognizes when     
tables are present within a document and lets you read and move     
logically around in the table.
Other Enhancements
JAWS for Windows version 3.2 can now properly support multilingual
synthesizers and let you switch between synthesizer languages on   
the fly. Also, JFW will now tell you when you select and unselect     

What is pwWebSpeak?
PwWebSpeak is an Internet browser designed for blind and      
visually impaired users as well as users who wish to access the     
Internet by cannot be tied to a keyboard and monitor. Versions     
are available for Windows 3.x as well as for Windows 95,          
Windows 98 and Windows NT. Support for other environments, like         
the Mac, is planned for the future with timing depending on          
demand from the user community.
pwWebSpeak is designed specifically to interact directly with
the information on the Web pages and to translate the
information content into speech. The user may navigate through
the structure of a document based on its contents, paragraphs
and sentences, rather than having to deal with scrolling and  
interpreting a structured screen display. pwWebSpeak was        
designed and built with the visually impaired user in mind.           

The intelligence built into pwWebSpeak understands the HTML   
constructs and automatically bypasses those constructs that      
have no relation to the information conte
speech and large character interpretation of the Web pages are     
provided so that a blind or low vision user can use the          
software effectively.
pwWebSpeak PLUS is the commercial version of the product and  
incorporates the SoftVoice speech synthesizer. SoftVOice is a   
software synthesizer that requires your PC to have a sound       
What are the hardware and software requirements for pwWebSpeak?       
Windows 3.1 or 3.11, Windows 95, 98 or NT and an internal or      
external speech synthesizer or software speech synthesizer, and     
approximately 5 megabytes of hard disk space. You will also        
need an Internet connection to access Internet.
How can I purchase pwWebSpeak and What is the Cost?
The cost of pwWebSpeak PLUS for commercial usage is $150 per  
unit with volume discounts and site licenses available. There   
is an annual subscription fee of $75 per unit for support,       
licenses available.
For visually impaired users, we provide a version of the      
software at no charge, called pwWebSpeak/NC, which does not         
include the SoftVoice speech synthesizer. On this special          
version we provide an optional service for $50 per year that          
provides the user with support, maintenance and upgrades.               
Special pricing is also available for Lighthouses for the Blind   
and Schools and Libraries for the Blind and for School          
Districts, Universities, Colleges, and Library Systems.                 
Please e-mail us at for specific pricing         
details. In order to purchase the software please go to the          
Ordering Information.
pwWebSpeak is available from The Productivity Works at the    
pricing structure noted above, and it is also available from      
our distributors and resellers as part of their product and         
service offerings. Full distributor and reseller information is        
provided on our Distributor and Reseller Page.
How does pwWebSpeak Compare to Screen Reader packages?
We have approached the design of pwWebSpeak from the beginning
as a fully accessible browser, meaning that we specifically   
designed it as a browser for the visually impaired. The current  
approach with things like Lynx is that you are still using a    
visually oriented browser with an extra translation layer (your   
screen reader).
Stated a different way, the difference is simply that
pwWebSpeak provides a first order system delivering the       
information on the page as compared to a screen reader which is      
a second order system interpreting the presentation of a          
visually oriented browser.
Can I use pwWebSpeak with my Existing Screen Reader Software?
pwWebSpeak is for Internet browsing only and may be used in   
conjunction with your existing screen readers but not at the     
same time as a screen reader. There is generally a conflict in     
the speech synthesizer software/hardware when two programs both    
try to interact with it. Generally our users have put both        
their screen reader and pwWebSpeak on hot keys so that they can       
be independently executed and stopped. You do need to stop a         
screen reader before executing pwWebSpeak.
Is there a Mac version of pwWebSpeak?
Currently there is not a Mac version of pwWebSpeak. The
current product is a Windows and Windows 95 product. We have
reviewed and researched the possibility of building a Mac
version, and have a Mac version tentatively planned, but this
will only happen if there are sufficient requests for it. If
you would purchase a Mac version of pwWebSpeak if one was
available, please e-mail us indicating this and your Mac

What Speech Synthesizers does pwWebSpeak support?
The Following Synthesizers are currently Supported by
pwWebSpeak Release 2 for Windows 95, 98 and NT:
* SoftVoice (this is included with pwWebSpeak PLUS Release 2)

* Microsoft Speech API compliant synthesizers such as DEC     
Access 32, Flextalk and Watson.
The following speech synthesizers are supported by pwWebSpeak
Release 1.2 and 1.4
Supported directly by pwWebSpeak:
TASSIST - Creative Labs Text Assist (software) - requires a   
Sound Blaster sound card

SOFTVOICE - Softvoice (software). This speech synthesizer is  
included with pwWebSpeak PLUS Release 1.4.3
Supported through the Arkenstone SSIL Interface
NOTE: The synthesizers listed below are the ones that are       
documented as having support available for the SSIL            
interface. Although pwWebSpeak supports the SSIL
interface, no guarantees are made by The Productivity   
Works, Inc. that these interfaces will actually function   
correctly with the SSIL interface and pwWebSpeak. If       
problems are found, however, we have been, and will            
continue to, make efforts to resolve the problem so that            
you may use the synthesizer of your choice from the list            

Accent PC Internal (Improved version)

Accent SA or Artic Transport External with driver set to      

Accent SA or Artic Transport External with driver set to      

Accent SA or Artic Transport External with driver set to      

Accent SA or Artic Transport External with driver set to      

Apollo2, U.S. English ROM1, Spanish ROM2, English primary     
Language, set to COM1

Apollo2, U.S. English ROM1, Spanish ROM2, Spanish primary     
Language, set to COM1

Apollo2, U.S. English ROM1, set to COM1

Artic 215 Internal Speech Synthesizers

Audapter External with driver set to COM1

Audapter External with driver set to COM2

Braille 'n Speak and Type 'n Speak, set to COM1

Braille 'n Speak and Type 'n Speak, set to COM2

Childrens Hospital DECtalk and Multivoice DECtalk on COM1     

Childrens Hospital DECtalk and Multivoice DECtalk on COM2          

Ciberveu CIB232P Spanish

DECtalk PC Internal and DECtalk Express External

Doubletalk PC Internal

Doubletalk LT or MicroTalk LightTalk on COM1

Doubletalk LT or MicroTalk LightTalk on COM2

Echo PC External with driver set to COM1

Echo PC External with driver set to COM2

Europa2 Internal, U.S. English ROM1

Generic "no speech" synthesizer driver

Infovox Version 3.5 or later, with American English ROMS      

Infovox Version 3.5 or later, with Spanish ROMS

Infovox Version 3.4 or earlier

Juno Enternal, U.S. English ROM1. Software compatible with the


Keynote Gold PC, SA or VC (including multi-lingual), and      
Keynote Companion

Kurzweil Reading Edge

Orison serial interface synthesizer driver

Smartalk parallel port synthesizer

Sounding Board Internal and SPEAKOUT external

Speak&Win - English, French, German, and Spanish versions     
Can I use CompuServe or AOL as my internet provider?
You can use any Internet connection to establish the connection for our
browser. We also
work over Local Area Network connections and the SLIP or PPP internet   
connection available from America OnLine (AOL).
Does pwWebSpeak Support Forms and Internet Search Engines?
pwWebSpeak supports most types of forms processing through
both speech synthesis and large character display. Most types
of form elements are supported including check boxes, radio   
buttons, text entry fields, and option lists. This includes the  
ability to scroll through an option list and select the desired
entry for the field in question.
Internet search engines have a front-end form through which
you specify the search. pwWebSpeak includes a special
interface to search engines to allow simpler specification of
search criteria as well as supporting the search engines main
form interfaces.
 Does pwWebSpeak Support Client-side Image Maps?
 Yes. Client Side image maps are supported as a menu which you
 can scroll through and select your desired link. Where there
is a text specified for the link, the text will be read to
you, otherwise the link itself will be read. This is true for
Release 1.4.3 and above.
Does pwWebSpeak Support Frames and Java Scripts and Applets?
Release 1.2 does not support Frames but will recognize, and   
then ignore, a Java script or applet. Frames are supported in    
Release 1,4,3 and above. Support for Java Scripts and Applets     
is planned.


Arkenstone, Your Partner in Independent Reading

AN OPEN BOOK, Version Three

Talking Software for Reading Ease

The only software you need to begin reading effortlessly.

Whether you are blind, have low vision or find reading difficult and
Arkenstone's innovative software, An Open Book, provides everything you
need to turn a
PC, speech synthesizer and a scanner into a versatile reading tool. How?

The scanner takes a picture of the page

An Open Book reading software interprets that picture, and converts the
text into a
speakable format. The speech synthesizer read the text aloud. Using An Open
Book, you can
scan and read a page of printed text in less than a minute, using just one
key. Our
easy-to-learn flexible interface lets you modify the voice and screen
output (if you use a
monitor) save favorite settings, and save your scanned pages to build a
personal library.

Clean, accurate scans, every time

Using the optical character recognition capabilities of Caere, the
industry's leading OCR
provider, An Open Book Unbound creates the best possible scan, even if the
page is
upside-down, sideways, or straight up - but slightly askew. For you
convenience, this
versatile reading software works with a variety of scanners and speech
synthesizers, to let
you create the ideal reading tool to meet your needs.

Call (800) 444-4443 for more information or for the name of the dealer near


 Reads print aloud to you.
 Magnifies print on-screen in your choice of sizes or colors
 Background Scanning lets you read one document while scanning another.
 The uncomplicated keys and menus make Open Book very easy to use.
 Automatic contrast control gives you the best scan on a wide variety of
 In addition to scanned pages, Open Book lets you read almost any word
document, ASCII, or text file without a screen reader.
The Find feature lets you locate a specific word or phrase in the document.

Experienced PC users:

 Launch your favorite program from Open Book with a single keystroke.
 Reconfigure hot keys to match your favorite screen reader.

Low vision users:

 Enlarge text up to one inch.
 Change background and text colors.
 Modify cursor type on your monitor.

LD users:

 See and hear text at the same time.
 Change screen presentation and voice to suit your needs.  

System Requirements

Computer Type
IBM PC/AT or 100% compatible 486 or Pentium . Minimum 20 MHz recommended. Will
work with less, but with serious performance degradation.

Operating System
MS-DOS Version 6X or 5X and Windows 3.1 or Windows 95.

Video Display Adapter
VGA minimum. Will not work with Monochrome or CGA display adapters.

395 KB conventional memory free for installation. 16 MB RAM recommended.

Hard Disk
25 MB free

System Specifications

375 characters per second   typical (Pentium  166 MHz, 16 MB RAM, 256 KB

Note: Recognition speed is dependent on CPU speed and system architecture
and setup. It
can vary considerably from one computer to another.


Can be better than 99.9%. Dependent upon print quality of scanned document

Recognized Fonts
Typewritten, typeset, laser-printed, draft and letter-quality dot matrix,
other computer print.
Single sheets and books. 6-28 point sizes when scanned at 300 dpi. 4-24
point sizes when
scanned at 400 dpi. Monospace and proportional.
Page deskew +10%.

Scanning Modes
Background scanning; scan now, recognize later; FAX scanning; ScanFix image
enhancement features.

Reading Modes
Scan and read, read while scanning, read text file; modify visual display.

Automatic. Sorts text blocks into natural reading sequence.

Output Formats
Most standard formats, including ASCII, Grade 2 Braille with Translator,
Microsoft Word,

Requires Microsoft Windows 3.1 or Windows 95

Access Options
An Open Book works seamlessly with supported access devices and programs.
You can use
a speech synthesizer, speech and Braille display, or just a Braille
display. No access device
or program is required, however.

Enabling Technologies 1998 Catalog
Shopping For Your First Braille Printer?
Add just two things to your existing computer system (translation
software and a Braille embosser) and you'll be ready to Braille in just a
few minutes.  The translation software changes your computers files into
new, separate Braille files, because Braille has its own  rules for
spelling, punctuation and formatting. The  translation process takes
place in your computers memory  in less time than your favorite
spellchecker would spend  on the same document and is generally even
easier to do. Then you connect a Braille embosser to your computer,
"print" the new translated files and you've got Braille.  Heres a few
basic concepts to help you choose your new  Braille equipment:
ONE: Braille is BIG.

Braille shortens many words and letter combinations using systems of
rules called "grades". In grade 2 Braille (the most common), 1 page of
most printed material equals 2 to 3 Braille pages.

Usually, you'll want to fit as many characters  across a line as the
paper and the embosser will allow, with as little wasted "white space"
as possible. With the most common settings in Braille publishing (40
characters across by 25 lines down the left margin with American
English Braille), you'll get about 1,000 Braille characters on an 11-
inch by 11.5-inch page.

The size factor is why interpoint embossers have become so popular.
"Interpoint" means that Braille is embossed on both sides of every sheet
of paper at the same time, automatically aligned so that both front and
back are readable. Because each piece of paper has two pages worth of
information  on it, every job results in only half as much paper to be
collated, bound and mailed.

 TWO: Braille copies emboss one at a time.

There are no handy photocopy machines for Braille (in most places,
anyway). Braille embossers are very ruggedly built, especially when
compared to  more conventional office equipment they have to be,  since
they're designed to punch thousands of perfect dots per sheet into heavy
paper.  As a general rule, if you expect to use your embosser regularly
more than three to five hours a day, we hope you'll consider a larger
capacity  model. Even the most faithful embossers do come home to
Florida for occasional maintenance, so two smaller machines are another
good strategy to insure continuity.

 THREE: Braille can be used with unusual materials.  

Even though standard Braille paper is very heavy (about like manila
folders), its
perfectly possible to Braille on ordinary computer paper just turn down
the embossers punching power with the impact  control, standard on many
of our embossers. The Braille will not be as durable on regular paper
as on Braille paper, but that might not always be important. For
binding your finished Braille pages,  a heavy-duty office stapler works
well for short documents. Bigger documents (or ones with a long
anticipated life) do better with plastic comb binding systems, widely
available in office supply stores. Comb binding allows unlimited
document size and is very durable.


 Juliet PRO and Juliet PRO 60

Juliet's top quality Braille on both sides of a page has made her the
best-known Braille embosser in the world. Now Juliet comes in several
popular (and economical) configurations with more standard features to
make your work easier and more fun.Juliet PRO, with a 56-character-wide
embossing line and55-character-per-second speed, includes our Single
SheetTractors for laser labels and letterhead, along with ETSpeaks, our
innovative speech system, as standard equipment. ET Speaks comes up
talking automatically and makes using your embosser easier and more fun,
as well as reading your computer screen and playing audio files.

Juliet PRO 60 includes all these features, plus the higher  speed of
the PRO 60's 40-character-wide embossing line and 60CPS productivity.
Juliet PRO and PRO 60 can both combine text and new
 high-resolution (or regular) graphics on a single page without
stopping.  Both Juliet PRO and PRO 60 also have our new case,
which muffles noise yet allows constant access to the keypad.Brailling on
all kinds of paper is no problem, because you can turn Juliet's impact
control up or down to suit your needs. You'll always get Braille quality
that exceeds US federal standards by a wide margin.

Both Juliet PRO and PRO 60 now also include Dynamic Braille  Scaling,
which enables you to do increased line spacing,larger California sign
Braille, Jumbo Braille, or the smallerBraille often preferred by our
Japanese customers.

Juliet PRO and Juliet PRO 60 come ready to work with yourIBM-
compatible PC's parallel port and have a 9-pin serial port as well. They
also have an additional serial port for  connecting ET Speaks to your
computer whenever you need it to read your screen or play audio files, in
addition to speaking the embosser's controls. Both PRO models also have
an external speaker jack so that ET Speaks can broadcast sounds through
our optional speakers or talk to you alone through headphones.
Sixteen menus allow you to customize your embosser just once for every
task you need and call all the settings into action with just a few
keystrokes. Adjust for 6 or 8-dot Braille,even print sideways. Use a
variety of paper sizes. Reprint upto 99 copies of one document
automatically with Multi-Copy.  

Technical Specifications


Printing Speed: Juliet PRO (Interpoint) 55 CPS, 56
Characters/Line; 42 CPS, 42 Characters/Line. (Single-Sided)  40 CPS,
56 Characters/Line; 30 CPS, 42 Characters/Line.  Juliet PRO 60: Line
width 40 Characters/Line. (Interpoint) 60CPS. (Single-Sided) 40 CPS.
All line width dimensions assumeLibrary of Congress spacing. Paper:
Continuous tractor feed  paper or single sheets, hand-fed one at a time.
Paper Width:  Adjustable, 1.5 to 15 inches (3.8 to 38.1 cm). Page
Length:Selectable, 3 to 14 inches (7.6 to 35.6 cm). Paper Weight:
Variable--standard computer paper through heavy index-typecard stock.

Physical Description

Width: 24.63 inches (62.6 cm). Depth: 11.5 inches (29.2 cm).Height:
8.63 inches (21.9 cm). Weight: 51 pounds (23.2 kg).  Case Style:
Desktop. Sound Level: 68 DBA. Sound level may  vary with ambient


Temperature: (Operating) 35 F to 120 F (2 C to 49 C). (Storage)Minus
55 F to 175 F (-48 C to 80 C). Humidity: Operating orStorage 10%to 95%
non-condensing. Shock: 3 foot drop
(approximately 5G).


Line Voltage: User Switchable. 105-130 VAC or 210-260 VAC.Amperage:
1.0 Amperes (105-130 VAC). 0.5 Amperes (210-260VAC). Wattage: 200 watts
average. Interface (Port 1)
 Centronics Compatible Parallel. (Port 2) Asynchronous Serial,EIA
RS-232D, DTE. (Port 3) ET Speaks, serial.

Energy Star Logo

After three minutes of inactivity, Juliet PRO and PRO  60 automatically
enter a special low
power consumption mode to save energy, meeting the Energy Star guidelines
for energy
efficiency. The ENERGY STAR logo is a registered mark of the  United States
Environmental Protection Agency and does not  represent EPA endorsement
of any product or service.
 Enabling Technologies

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Jensen Beach, Florida 34957 USA
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The Duxbury Braille Translator, acclaimed by major Braille  publishing
houses and thousands of individuals and  organizations worldwide, keeps
adding most-requested features for an even greater value!
Standard features now include complete Nemeth translation, Microsoft
Word file import, spellchecker,  Braille graphics file import, and grade
2 French and  Spanish Braille. Braille teachers will love WeeBee Dots,
another new feature that lets them introduce contractions gradually as
students advance to grade 2.  DBT for DOS, Windows and the Mac share
near-identical commands (files, too!) and are fully networkable. DBT WIN
for Windows 3.X, Windows 95 & NT

Translate in Windows, see the Braille exactly as it will  look when
embossed! As you work, check the bright yellow "translated line" to see
the English equivalents  simultaneously on screen. Edit with QWERTY or
six-key  entry. Work on multiple files, use built-in styles to  give
your documents professional flair. Grade 2
translators with American, British, French, and Spanish  tables are
only a mouse-click (or a few keystrokes)  away! Many other languages
available, too. Requires 386  or higher CPU, 4MB RAM, 4MB hard drive
space, and  Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher.


Newly upgraded! Requires a PC with a 286 or higher processor  (386 or
higher strongly recommended), 2MB RAM, and 4MB  available hard drive

 DBT Dual

If you rely on your dependable DOS systems but need Windows'
flexibility too, get a dual license covering both DBT  for DOS and DBT
for Windows to ease the transition.

Braille Board for Microsoft Windows
Create ADA-compliant signs and other short messages in grade  1 or 2
English Braille within Windows 3.X, 95 or NT.  Create Braille layouts in
a wide range of Windows applications. Includes Braille TrueType scalable
font.  Requires a PC with 386 or higher processor, 2MB RAM, 1MB
available hard drive space, and Microsoft Windows version 3.0 or higher.
  Duxbury Braille Font Package

Includes ten different teaching, thermal embossing and  proofing
fonts. Create grade 1, grade 2, and Nemeth  Braille characters and see
the print equivalent on the  line below.
Enabling Technologies
World's Leading Manufacturer of Braille Embossers
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Jensen Beach, Florida 34957 USA
Phone: (561) 225 DOTS (3687)
Fax: (561) 225 FAXX (3299)
Phone toll free in continental USA: (800) 777 DOTS
Fax toll free in continental USA: (800) 950 DOTS
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