Reporting and Correcting Central Catalog Errors

Errors in Central Catalog bibliographic records can usually only be corrected by personnel from the institution that owns the record at Central. How to Tell Who Owns the Record at Central.

Each institution has a contact person who is charged both with receiving error reports about records that institution owns, and with sending error reports after determining the owning library. See the error reporting Contact List for these names and e-mail addresses.

In addition, these contact people are on a closed OhioLINK email list: This list is for exchanging information about problems that need to be corrected by many institutions. When an institution's contact sends a message to that list, it is helpful to include the 945 fields, because they list the contributing libraries. This signals who will need to take action.

In general, the sorts of problems that should be reported as errors are those that result in search and retrieval problems, such as:

  • Incorrect filing indicators
  • Misspellings which affect a search
  • Authority errors
  • CIP record in Central needs to be replaced
  • Merged OCLC records

For procedures for reporting Table of Contents (970 field) errors, see How TOC Errors Are Handled.

If you are in doubt about who should receive a report, or to report adds and changes to the list, contact OhioLINK Support at


OhioLINK Errors of Consequence Form

The owning library will need the following pieces of information in order to correct the problem. Use this form; or you may just report errors by e-mail, incorporating all the relevant information needed.

Central Site Record Number .b__________________

OCLC Number ________________________________

Owning Library _______________________________


Title ___________________________________________

Description of the problem. Attach documentation if necessary.


Reported by:

Name _______________________________________

Institution ____________________________________

Email Address _________________________________

Phone Number ________________________________


April 19, 1999
updated April 2014