Retrospective Conversion (DMSC) - Discharged 8/94

From OhioLINK Database Management & Standards Committee Meeting Minutes
of June 15, 1993

Retrospective Conversion Task Force approved by LACCC.  Dale Hague to
chair, Ichiko Morita and Jacquie Riley to serve as members.

The primary responsibilities of this task force are:

1.     to review the status of current retrospective conversion efforts
       in the OhioLINK institutions and recommend whether additional
       funds are needed including the amount of funds needed;

2.     to review the needs of the community colleges for retrospective

3.     to review the available information on major microform sets held
       by OhioLINK institutions and whether bibliographic records
       should be purchased centrally for those sets; and

4.     to recommend whether other non-traditional retrospective
       conversion should be funded by OhioLINK centrally.

Deadline:  A recommendation on the need for additional funds for
retrospective conversion must be submitted via the DMSC to the LAC no
later than July 1, 1993.

The other recommendations should be made by December 31, 1993.