Tables of Contents and Other Enrichment

The Central Catalog provides tables of contents and several additional kinds of enrichment for catalog records. SEE SAMPLES.

Content Café: Content Café enhances public catalog displays with book cover images and links to TOCs, summaries, reviews, and other book details. Content Café is a product of Baker & Taylor. Cover images and links are displayed in the catalog; no data is loaded to the catalog.

Links to Content Café are based on ISBN in the bibliographic record.

Some libraries also link to Content Café from their local catalogs.


Google: Google links provide access to extracts of the text and even the full text of the book, when available at Google Books. The links are supplied in the catalog record display only; no data is loaded into the catalog.


MARC Enrichment: OhioLINK purchased MARC table of contents records, first from Blackwell Library Services (2004-2010) and then from the YBP MARC Enrichment Service (2011-2012). MARC TOC records add contents information – chapter titles, authors, and paging – to records in the Central Catalog. Some libraries also chose to load these contents records to their own local catalogs. Contents fields are appended to catalog records in a batch load, based on ISBN match.

Tags in YBP contents records:

970 Author, title, paging — Indexed in the Central Catalog along with other titles and authors. May be indexed in local catalogs by local choice.
520 Summary notes — Indexed in the Central Catalog keyword index. May be loaded and indexed in local catalogs by local choice.
972 Author notes — Loaded to Central Catalog but not indexed. May be loaded and indexed in local catalogs by local choice.
059 YBP code NhCcYME to mark the source of the record enrichment.

In Central, these fields are preserved in the master bibliographic record, even if record ownership changes.  For local load, the contents fields are passed from the Central Catalog to local sites.

We discontinued buying TOC records in July 2012.

July 2013