Uniform Profiling Guidelines (4/97)

The OhioLINK Committees endorse the practice of uniform profiling among local INNOPACs and encourage new OhioLINK sites to follow this practice.

The benefits of uniformity in profiling are significant:

  • Users throughout the OhioLINK system can know what to expect from the Central Database and from other institutional databases if they are all profiled like their own local system.
  • Pass-through searches from local to central are most effective when the profiling for an index is the same at local and central.

In particular, new sites are encouraged to follow the Central database as closely as possible in profiling:

  • menus -- both command letters and labels
  • INNOPAC field groups -- labels and tags and the order of their display
  • general screen messages
  • search limit menu and the profiling of the limit option
  • screen labels and "MARCLABELS"

Sometimes local conditions call for unique local solutions. For example, many sites will not have a MeSH index. In any case, OhioLINK Committees again endorse the practice of uniformity in profiling and encourages it for all new OhioLINK sites.

Any questions on this issue should be directed to OhioLINK staff.