Values for Material Type

Material Type is used in the Central Catalog for search limiting and to express the physical format to users. Material Type is typically derived from Type of Record (Leader byte 6), except for "s" (journal/periodical) and "z" (thesis/dissertation).

Locally defined codes may be input in BCODE2 to override the standard values. Beginning in the summer of 2016, these local codes are now mapped to the standard set of material types used in the Central Catalog (below).

The following Material Type values are defined in the Central Catalog. More about: sound recordings and computer files.

Material Type Search Limit
a Book
b Electronic Thesis/Dissertation
c Music Score
d Music Score Manuscript
e Map
f Map Manuscript
g Video
h Microform
i Non-music Audio Recording
j Music Recording
k 2-dimensional Graphic
l Database
m Computer File
n Instructional Material
o Kit
p Mixed Material
q Other Electronic Resource
r 3-dimensional Object
s Journal/Periodical
t Manuscript
u Electronic Book
v Electronic Journal
w Electronic Video
x Online Non-music Audio
y Online Music
z Thesis/Dissertation

Sound Recordings and Computer Files

For sound recordings and computer files, more specialized search limits are calculated based on the first 2-4 characters in field 007.

Material Type 007 characters 2-4
( _ means blank)
Search Limit
i (or) j   Sound Recording:
i (or) j   — all
i (or) j sd_f — CD
i (or) j sd_b — LP
i (or) j ss_l — Audiocassette
m   Computer File:
m   — all
m co — CD-ROM
m cr — Internet resource


December 2010

Updated September 2016