Elizabeth Robertson

Marion Technical College
Writing tutor


  • Masters Degree in Media Management, University of Missouri - Columbia
  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Communications, Franklin University
  • Graduate work, Morehead State University

Areas of Expertise:

  • I enjoy helping students focus on improving their writing, whether it be enhancing their strengths or working in areas of weakness. Towards this goal, I can help the student anywhere from theisis statements, organization, citation, and transitions to sentence construction and grammar (including the dreaded comma!)

Message to Students:

I always tell my students that writing, unlike math, is messy. Writing a paper is not over in one draft. A paper needs reread and revised more than once to achieve that successful end result. It always helps to have someone, such as someone from this service, review this paper. The free tutoring provided here helps in those areas the student needs to get that desired end result.