OhioLINK Problem Report Form

This form is for the use of staff at OhioLINK libraries.
If you are a student, faculty member, or other user of OhioLINK resources, please request help from your library.
If one of the topics below addresses the problem you have encountered, please review the information on that page before, or instead of, using this form.
If this problem has affected other users, we may already have posted information about it on our Facebook or Twitter pages.
PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS FORM HAS CHANGED.  It is now required to enter a short description of the problem with the report.  This is the fourth field on the form.
Please include the exact text of any error messages or anything else on screen that lets you know something went wrong. We need enough detail to be able to replicate the problem ourselves, detect it in our log files, or communicate it to a vendor.
If a database gives a Persistent Link, Permalink, or Bookmark this as… link, please use that URL. This includes the central catalog, EBSCO, and OSearch databases. For other services, copy and paste the URL from your browser’s address bar. For search results, please also include the specific search(es) needed to replicate the problem.