Cincinnati State Technical and Community College's Johnnie Mae Berry Library

The Cincinnati State Technical and Community College's Johnnie Mae Berry Library strives to provide its students and faculty with the tools and resources needed to access the most up-to-date information to further their research and enhance life-long learning.

OhioLINK recently spoke with the library director at Cincinnati State to find out more about the services provided by the Johnnie Mae Berry library at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College.

What are your top three points of pride in your library?

The Johnnie Mae Berry Library at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College is committed to providing students and faculty with easy, rapid access to information resources via up-to-date access tools and delivery systems. The library’s focus is on student learning and enrichment through the development of critical research skill fostered by personalized reference services and classroom instruction. Our services provide assistance with assignment completion and impart skills needed for life-long learning.

  1. A committed, knowledgeable and approachable staff is the essence and strength of our service model.
  2. We take great pride in providing on-demand research assistance at the point of need to our patrons both in-person and through other outlets (phone, chat, e-mail, social media).
  3. Students and staff at Cincinnati State enjoy a dynamic collection of library materials and resources designed to not only support the classroom experience and curriculum, but to foster a love for reading and comfort in the information-seeking process.

What's the most popular spot in your library for students and patrons?

The most popular places in our library are wherever you can take one of our in-house laptops! Group study rooms offer much-needed collaborative space and the lower-level reading area is a popular spot for browsing the latest magazines and newspapers. The unique architecture of the library space provides many nooks for quiet study and research.

How long have you been a member of OhioLINK?

The Berry Library at Cincinnati State has enjoyed the benefits of being a member of OhioLINK since 1994.

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