Franklin University's Nationwide Library

Franklin University is dedicated to the success of Franklin University students around the world and the pursuit of lifelong learning for all members of the University community. Franklin University Nationwide Library helps to cultivate this success by providing a space conducive to the contemplation and discussion of ideas and by promoting the pursuit of knowledge.

OhioLINK spoke with the library director to learn more about Franklin University's Nationwide Library:

What are your top three points of pride in your library?

  1. A patron-centered mentality.
  2. The collaborative spaces.
  3. How the staff and student staff pull together to make things happen.

What's the most popular spot in your library for students and patrons?

Within the library, our popular spots include the student meeting rooms, the computer bays, the coffee machine, and the flag showcase. The flags represent all our partner institutions and our international students' home countries, and serve as a source of pride and a community gathering spot. Additionally, given the resource riches found online - the website is a big "place" too.

How long have you been a member of OhioLINK?

We have been a member since 2002.

To learn more about Franklin University Nationwide Library: