Hiram College Library

Hiram College Library has provided a welcoming, comfortable, and intellectually stimulating environment for many generations of students, faculty, staff and community members.

It is interesting to note that for its first 50 years, Hiram College did not even have a library.

OhioLINK spoke with the library director to find out more about the rich history and services provided by the Hiram College Library.

What are your top three points of pride in your library?

  1. A hard working staff that provides great service and a good library experience.
  2. That same staff's willingness to try new things, e.g. our laptop lending program, now 9 years old, or an outreach program like Humans vs. Zombies, which is so popular we started doing it twice a year.
  3. Our Friends of the Library group, which just celebrated its 30th anniversary. In those 30 years they have raised nearly $850,000. They have provided us with technology for our students (notably our Collaboration Station), provided initial funding for databases (JSTOR and we just got days ago Artstor), and buy roughly one of every three books the library buys.

What's the most popular spot in your library for students and patrons?

There are two spots that are popular. One is the 8 study rooms we have. The other is the "clock tower" where you can see the mechanism that runs the clock that is on top of the library building.

How long have you been a member of OhioLINK?

Since 1997.

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