Hocking College Library

Hocking College Student Studying

The Hocking College Library is committed to the advancement of teaching and learning by providing resources and services that support the core values of the college, and enriching the experience by creating a community of lifelong learners.

OhioLINK asked the Hocking College library director a few questions to better understand Hocking College Library.

What are your top three points of pride for your library?

  1. Firstly, we are proud of our friendly staff. Our staff is always delighted to help out, and are more than willing to find what you need to succeed.
  2. We are also happy to provide quality service throughout our library. There is no trouble finding someone who knows the answer to your question, and we believe it is really important that our faculty is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in what they do.
  3. Our last point of pride is our OhioLINK membership. Through OhioLINK we are able to grant our students, faculty and staff access to thousands of journals, articles and so much more from around the world.

What's the most popular spot in your library for students and patrons?

Group study rooms and casual seating areas.

How long have you been a member of OhioLINK?

We have been a member since 1995.

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